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Action Figure

Great cover with Ako Rahim. I had never heard of him, but he has abs like a cartoon superhero! I think he has the most inspirational body I have ever seen on Iron Man. Keep finding guys who look like him!

—Kris E., via e-mail

Editor’s Note: What can we say? We have an eye for talent. Check out Jaye Hardbody on page 86 of this issue—he’s another unbelievable discovery of ours. You are bound to see more of him.


Keep The Exotic Coming

Hooray for Narmin Assria! It’s about time a fitness magazine veered away from the Barbie look-alikes and started showing some women who aren’t blondes with blue eyes. Middle Eastern women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I’m happy to see they are finally getting some recognition. Thank you for adding some variety to the boring fitness landscape.

—Jordan L., via e-mail


Ageless Abs

I have so appreciated Vince DelMonte’s two installments on “Building Killer Abs.” You have some great original ideas that I have incorporated personally. Being a Master’s bodybuilder with Type 2 diabetes, you have helped my look (midsection), and above all my A1C readings get to an all-time low! I owe you! How about a feature on serious training for the older diabetic bodybuilder/powerlifter? I have some great notes and experience!
—Malcolm P., via e-mail


Built Like A Man

I liked your story on the
McGill pull-up, what you guys called “pull-ups for big guys.” Not all of us are 161-pound Men’s Physique guys. Some of us have spent a lot of years putting on size. Our training heroes are Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates. No offense to the little guys with the 29-inch waists, but it’s nice to read some info for guys who are built like grown-ass men.

—John W., via e-mail


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