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Ashley K All The Way

Ashley Kaltwasser is everything that is right about fitness. She works hard, but she has a good head on her shoulders (and she is hot!). It seems like she has a very realistic view of her career. Being a Bikini or Physique champion is a short ride. I don’t see many of these current stars being like Dexter Jackson and winning shows when they are 45 years old.

—Jake C., via e-mail

Editor’s Note: You’re right. Physique and Bikini might be a young person’s game, but they are also a lot easier on the body than bodybuilding. Guys like Steve Cook might not be winning shows when he’s in his 40s, but he’ll still look pretty damn good (and be very healthy) at that age and beyond.  


Turning Calves Into Bulls

Thanks for the workout plan for calves. They can be one of the most difficult body parts to grow. I wanted to share my tip with Iron Man readers. My calves made the biggest improvements when I started running hill sprints twice a week (along with training calves in the gym).
—Steven V., via e-mail


Science For The Win

I really liked Dr. Christopher Lockwood’s story on managing blood pressure post-workout to help recovery. I always thought that a vasodilator like arginine made a lot of sense post-workout even though most people use it pre-workout. It was nice to see a PhD agree with me! Great minds think alike—LOL!
—Wyatt D., via e-mail


Prescription For Youth

I was surprised to see a story on the prescription drug metformin in your last issue. Iron Man is usually all about food and supplements and natural-health solutions. But I decided to Google metformin and I found a lot of interesting stuff. Dr. Brett Osborn really knows what he’s talking about. It was refreshing to see an MD give an unbiased opinion about the medical field and Big Pharma.
—John K., via e-mail

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