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It’s Almost Summer Time, Are You Ready?

It’s Almost Summer Time, Are You Ready?

That’s the question that 99% of us are asking on a daily basis. The winter and spring seemed to be longer than usual, so the comfort of carrying that extra body fat hasn’t been a big deal. However, the temperature is rising daily and soon the summer will be in full swing.

So how do we shed that body fat, maintain the hard earned muscle and avoid crash diets that are sure to end in disaster.

The answer is simple, Metabolic Training

Yes you have to create a caloric deficit. Yes nutrition will always be the most important factor. No you can not out-train bad nutrition.

Now that we are on the same page, lets talk about metabolic training and how this can can get you pool ready in time for the summer.

Metabolic Training has become a very popular term in the last few years. It lives in the same family as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Both Metabolic Training and HIIT have a very similar response in terms of EPOC. If you are not familiar with the term EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) you are now entering into a life changing moment!

Without going to deep into scientific jargon, EPOC simply means your body is in an oxygen deficit. So, for 12-16 hours after your training session your metabolism will be working non stop to restore your oxygen to a resting state.

Why this is great!

During that time the increase in your metabolic rate will generally utilize fat stores as the energy needed to restore your body to a resting state. In comparison, a 45 minute session of steady state cardio will burn (X) amount of calories. That number of calories burned will represent the entire cardio session. A metabolic training program will burn (X) amount of calories during the training session and continue to burn additional calories (EPOC) for up to 16 hours. You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure out which one will bring those abs out faster.

Now the pressure is on. Knowledge is power, but that alone isn’t going to get you ready for the summer. This article would not be complete if I just left you here. Being the person that I am, it is only right if I challenge you to complete the Metabolic Training Program that was created by my partner Willie Garret of NO Xcuse Fitness. This is not your typical treadmill sprints, or body weight squats. This is a hard core full body metabolic training program that will challenge you mentally and get you ready for the summer. After watching the video pick one day a week for the next 3-6 weeks to complete 10 rounds. That combined with your normal training program is sure to take your physique to the next level.

Remember the goal is EPOC, so push yourself to the limit!

Michael Waters, Phase 1 Sports Las Vegas NV

[email protected]//IG @iamphase1//FB Phase1sports//Snap iamphase1//

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