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Holiday Season Transformation

Alan Lacuesta's Transformation

Congrats on your transformation Alan!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. This year has been a busy one for me and my coaching practice. But now the Holiday season is in full swing and I thought it a good time to pick one of my clients and send out a very big congratulations on a big success this year. I have worked with Alan Lacuesta for only a three months, but in this time he has really come a long way and I wanted to recognize his efforts and hopefully this would inspire others. He is a bodybuilder but not a competitive one yet. He approached me because I worked with his wife last year, and wanted me to take him through a contest prep diet and give him the experience of what he could possibly expect from this kind of diet. He wanted to take his body somewhere it hadn’t ever been at. I told him of course I would help him but he was in for a rough ride because I knew that without the motivation of a contest to be in shape for he might find it hard to make it through the tougher parts of the diet without cheating and feeling like he simply wanted to give up.

Going through a contest diet is hard enough, but to do it without any contest in mind and to do it just for the sake of achieving a leaner look would be very hard. I have worked with people over the years who have tried this kind of thing and many don’t make it to the end because at some point it simply gets too tough. The reward of looking better seems to go the way side when faced with hunger, depression, and fatigue. But to Alan’s credit he made it through a typical twelve week contest prep diet in tact and looking great! Now while I would have recommended about four more weeks of contest dieting in order to achieve the “contest condition” that I like my athletes to show up in, this was a great exercise of fortitude and determination that I rarely see. So congrats to Alan Lacuesta, you I am a proud coach!

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