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Going Home for the Holidays? Top 5 Best at Home Body Weight Workouts

Maintaining your workout routine throughout the year requires a lot of discipline and commitment. The holidays add a challenge as your to-do list gets longer, and somehow exercise makes its way down the list. 


The traveling, shorter daylight hours, food-oriented gathering, unending shopping sprees, and the chilly temperature could make it difficult to remain devoted to your workout routine. So, how do you avoid falling off the wagon?


Here is a guide on how to remain committed to your workout regime. We have also included the top five best home bodyweight workouts, which you can engage in at the comfort of your home over the holidays.

Four Tips to Help You Stay on Track and Smash Your Exercise Goals Over the Holidays

The holiday season is best spent with family and your loved ones. Your fitness routine shouldn’t get in the way of spending time with your family. With our tips below, you don’t need to choose the gym overstuffing a turkey with your family. Work out and spend enough time with your family to make memories.


Plan Ahead 

Traveling home for the holidays could significantly disrupt your schedule, which is why you need to plan your exercise routine. Have a plan on the exercises you will be engaging in, how much time you need to exercise, and where you will exercise.

If there is a gym at home, you can take advantage of it. If not, you can identify the nearest gym and its charges. Alternatively, you can also use an empty room or the basement and turn it into your sacred working-out space.

Planning helps you determine what equipment you may need to carry with you as you travel. It also psychologically prepares you to work out during the holidays.


Set Realistic Goals 

Whether you are exercising to build weight, lose muscle, or both, you should always set realistic goals. Although you may have been able to stick to your goals and eat healthy throughout the year, the holiday season often disrupts or slows your progress. Therefore, cut yourself some slack and set realistic goals.


It is essential to prioritize maintenance and consistency over improvement during the holiday season. Reset expectations you may have previously written down and allow yourself to indulge and enjoy during the festive season without feeling overwhelmed. You should also appreciate the small milestones like still incorporating exercise despite the challenges at hand.  Here are tips if you are looking to lose weight and build muscles simultaneously. 


Develop a Workout Plan

There are numerous activities to engage in during the festive season. Therefore, you need to develop a workout schedule and make it as detailed as possible. A workout plan ensures you prioritize working out.


You can either write down your workout plan on your phone calendar or a piece of paper and carry it along with you. A workout plan increases your likelihood of following up with the exercises.


Before getting ready to welcome the new guests or bake those yummy cookies you’re renowned for, you can pre-game with a full-body workout for 15 minutes. HIIT workouts are effective in increasing your energy and heart rate.


It is easy, and the benefits are amazing. Pick five simple moves like mountain climbers, squat jacks, jump squats, and bicycles. Perform each for 45 seconds and cycle through them with 15 seconds break. They will help boost your metabolism, and you reap the advantages even after the workouts.


Top 5 Best at Home Body Weight Workouts

A popular belief is that you need to wield heavyweights to grow muscles. False. You can build your muscles by getting creative with bodyweight workouts. Here are the top five home workouts which demonstrate the truth in the ability to build muscles at home with no equipment. 


V Sit-Ups


Does the idea of building a circus-trapeze-artist core sound appealing to you? It’s time to get on the V Sit-ups. It is a variation of the regular sit-up. You will begin by assuming a seated position with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Ensure your spine is straight, then slightly lean back. Lift your feet as you straighten them (do not lock them) until you achieve balance and assume the shape of a “V.”


Now, widen the V shape by lowering your legs as you lower your upper body toward the floor. Reach as far as you can go without completely touching the floor. Engage your core and resume the initial position. Repeat the process and do at least 10 reps.


V sit-ups challenge your balance and help build your core strength as it works on different areas of your core simultaneously. This exercise effectively targets your rectus abdominis and internal and external obliques. By building your core, coordination, and balance, you will better maintain a good posture and easily perform better at a wide range of physical activities.


Wall Stand Push Ups


Among the best and highly effective bodyweight exercises, you can engage in wall stand push-ups. They mainly target your chest, arms, back as well as shoulders. When doing a wall stand pushup, you will be doing a regular pushup but at a decline.


Your feet will be hiked up on the wall, and your body at a 45-degree angle with the floor. To start, your arms need to be straight. Bend your elbows, lower your shoulders, then straighten them to perform the exercise. Repeat. 


Wall Stand push-ups are a full-body exercise as they activate and strengthen different muscles around the body. They help increase stability and ensure you remain stable both in sport and everyday life.




This exercise often appears in-home workout routines for a good reason. It is a single exercise that works your quads, calves, glutes, back, triceps, back, hamstrings, pecs, biceps. Burpees are an all-around exercise with numerous benefits.


To do burpees, assume an extended pushup position. Next, push through your toes, and jump with your feet forward. Land on your feet with bent knees, lower your hands, place them on the floor and resume an extended pushup position. Do a pushup and repeat. Repeat at least 10 reps.


Besides being a full-body exercise, burpees fall under calisthenic exercises. They rely on the body for weight resistance. They help burn fat and improve cardio fitness.


Jump Squats


While these glute monsters will push your heart rate through the roof and leave your legs on “fire,” they are among the best workouts you can engage in. They are a HIIT version of the regular squats.


Ensure your arms are relaxed and slightly bent at each side. Bend your knees, have your thighs parallel to the ground, and sink your seat. Push your heels and jump high into the air as you straighten your arms and legs. As you land, ensure your knees are slightly bent. Repeat at least 10 times.


Besides burning up fat and calories, they help tone the ab muscles, butt, and legs. Additionally, they help maintain balance and mobility, essential for everyday tasks and movements. Repeatedly doing jump squats also helps boost sports performance, especially athletics.


Star Planks

What better way to finish off your workout strong than with star planks? Star planks need a lot of balance and precision, but they help build strong arms and strengthen your core. 


Get in an extended pushup position. Make sure you straighten your arms and keep your left foot a foot apart from your right foot. Keep your body in one straight and long line. Lift one foot several inches from the flow and extend the other leg. Find your balance, and after you do, lift the opposite hand off the ground and hold the position for as long as you can, preferably more than 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other leg and hand. Take a 30 seconds break and repeat. Aim for at least four sets.


The increased difficulty of this exercise compared to regular planks helps grow muscles. Furthermore, star planks also help with chest and shoulder development. It works on abdominal muscles, the chest, and the shoulders.


How to Monitor What You Are Eating Over the Holidays

The holiday season can be tempting with lots of food available, making it easy to overindulge in treats. Most people believe there are only two options- ignore the delicious food or indulge entirely. The good news is that you can mindfully indulge and enjoy the season while remaining committed to your fitness goals.


Apply the 80/20 Rule

Rather than pushing aside the foods available, how about fitting holistic eating into your plan? We all deserve to enjoy our favorite delicacies, provided the trend doesn’t become a way of life over the next months. To avoid overindulging, apply the 80/20 rule.

Ensure that 80% of what you eat or what is on your plate is nutrient-rich and fiber-rich foods. The 20% should be comfort foods and satisfying desserts you don’t mind indulging in since they come around the festivities. As long as most of your food intake is healthy, the 20% will have insignificant effects.


Plan Your Meals in Advance

An effective way to monitor what you eat is by planning your meals, including your holiday treats. Decide which of your favorite foods you would like to indulge in and in what portion.

Without set limits, it is easy to keep adding one more until you have overdone. Planning allows you to enjoy your treats without feeling guilty or regretful over it.


Increase Your Fiber and Protein Intake

The best way to be conscious of what you are eating and avoid overdoing it is by eating filling meals. Increase your intake of protein and fiber-rich foods to keep you satisfied. That way, you are less likely to binge or overeat. Additionally, it will be easier to monitor your portions and avoid treats that aren’t very healthy.

Fiber reduces appetite, and consequently, reduces your calorie intake. You can source fiber from fiber-rich dips, cut-up vegetables, and whole-wheat crackers. Alternatively, you can also eat pistachios since they are complete plant protein and rich in fiber.


Stay Hydrated

Did you know that people confuse thirst with hunger? It is easy to grab the nearest cookies or extra stuffing when all your body needs is water. Sipping on water keeps you hydrated, full and helps make conscious decisions on what to eat. 


Take Away

You don’t need to abandon your fitness routine during the holiday season. After stopping for the holidays, getting back to your regime will be twice as hard as maintaining your consistency during the festive season. Incorporate the five home workout exercises we have discussed above. They are full-body exercises that use body weight. Thus, you don’t need to carry heavy equipment around with you. Remember to use our tips above to avoid overindulging. Happy holidays!

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