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Every Day Record Setting

You want a sure-fire way to build muscle the fastest way possible? A method used by people all the way back to the archives of bodybuilding history and still used by the greatest champions today?

Set a new personal record every day. How you ask? Beyond the basic question of how many sets and reps should you do in each workout, the most important thing is progressive resistance. That is, handling more weight today than the last time you did THAT exercise.

In order to do that efficiently, you have to have quick access to your training log to look back and see that you did (as an example) 6 reps with 100 pounds in the barbell curl. So today your main focus in life is getting 7 or more reps with 100 pounds in the barbell curl. That’s what gives your muscle new growth stimulus and that’s what induces muscle growth. You’ve presented your muscle with a challenge and now it has to adapt by growing bigger and stronger.

One of the champions I trained with Rory Leidelmeyer was one of the most sought after trainers in bodybuilding during the early eighties. Not only did Rory have a truckload of clients winning contests but they were all strong as ox’s. Rory INSISTED that all his people keep a detailed training and eating log.

There’s something about 6 reps last workout staring you down that ignites a fire inside you. It has to be a do or die challenge and you have to NEED the 7th rep like the very air you breath. You need to keep pushing the envelope.

Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, Bill Pearl and many other well-known Champions you’ve read about in IRON MAN magazine, all used this basic principle with the people they trained.

You can look back at last week’s training and know what you have to beat today. Now it’s time to perform. There’s no guesswork. Approach your training like a professional. A training journal is like keeping score so you can continually challenge yourself.

In fact, this is one of the true secrets of the champs.

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