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  • How do I build the muscle down the center thigh?

    Q: I know that it’s necessary to have a low bodyfat percentage in order to see the muscle that goes down...

    Eric BroserJune 28, 2012
  • Big-Growth Calf Routine Revisited

    Q: Is there a special calf routine that can work even when others haven’t? A: Before I get to a special...

    Stuart McRobertJune 12, 2012
  • 4X Mass-Building Methods

    Q: Do you still recommend X Reps, or is it mostly the other X techniques now, like 4X? A: Well, the...

    Steve HolmanJune 2, 2012
  • Time-Saving Superset Workout

    Q: I’m getting back into the gym, and I was considering starting a four-days-a-week superset workout to save time and get...

    John HansenMay 30, 2012
  • Warmup Sets for 4X Mass Method

    Q: I’m loving your 4X mass method. I’ve been using it for only three weeks, and I already feel bigger and...

    Steve HolmanMay 28, 2012
  • Muscle Size & Feel

    Q: Your 4X training is fantastic. It has me growing again, and it’s perfect with 3-way POF. My question is about...

    Steve HolmanMay 23, 2012
  • Training Legs to Beef Up Arms?

    Q: I’ve heard that I should work my legs to help me to grow bigger arms. How can that be right?...

    Stuart McRobertMay 16, 2012
  • Training for Cuts

    Q. I know that in your normal training you use relatively low overall volume, at least compared to most high-level bodybuilders,...

    Eric BroserMay 14, 2012
  • Building A Pro Physique

    Q: I’ve been blown away by the photos of Phil Heath winning the Mr. Olympia. Are there special exercises and routines...

    Stuart McRobertMay 11, 2012
  • Training With Heavy Weights

    Q: A lot of bodybuilders go all power in the off-season. They push for more strength so size will follow. I’m...

    Steve HolmanMay 4, 2012
  • Best Ab Workout—Once a Week

    Q: I’m getting ready to start on the Size Surge program, but I see that abs only get hit once a...

    Steve HolmanApril 29, 2012
  • Chinups vs. Pulldowns for Massive Lat Spread

    Q: I want a lat spread like Phil Heath’s. Which exercises are best for that, chins or pulldowns? A: To have...

    Stuart McRobertApril 17, 2012
  • Best Back Extensions

    Q. Which are better, regular back extensions or those performed on an incline back-extension bench? And can either of them take...

    Charles PoliquinApril 14, 2012
  • Extreme Muscle Growth

    Q: I’m using the Size Surge program for the second time. I tried it last winter and got great gains—about 10...

    Steve HolmanApril 9, 2012
  • Laterals on Machines or Dumbbells?

    With a machine, especially a machine that uses a pulley system, you feel the resistance more throughout the entire rep.

    Charles PoliquinApril 7, 2012