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  • Full or Partial Deadlifts?

    Q: When it comes to deadlifts and back development I am confused as to which form is better: partial deads in...

    Eric BroserNovember 27, 2010
  • Pain and the Behind-the-Neck Press

    A more serious injury that I have seen with this exercise more than any other move is disk protrusion, or herniation,...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.November 3, 2010
  • Erectors, Power Racks and Box Squats

    At the Poliquin Strength Institute in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, I have two power racks and two lifting platforms. To me...

    Charles PoliquinOctober 19, 2010
  • Build a Better Back

    Proper technique is crucial if you want full lat development, and I see so many trainees missing the boat on this...

    Dave GoodinOctober 16, 2010
  • Back Feel for Size Appeal

    Back training is truly an art, and although eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman built the biggest back of all time simply...

    Eric BroserSeptember 16, 2010
  • Postactivation Size Surge

    Performing end-of-set static holds at the sticking point can do great things for muscle growth.

    Steve HolmanJune 3, 2010
  • Squat On, Part 1

    Bodybuilders who have a good structure for squats tend to have legs and thighs of average or shorter-than-average length relative to...

    Stuart McRobertMay 25, 2010
  • Bigger Bodyparts

    Despite his insanely wide wings, bodybuilders the world over still insist on doing wide-grip pulldowns and chinups, which Dorian noted actually...

    Ron HarrisApril 1, 2010
  • You, Sir, the Muscular Guy in the Third Row

    Sounds like you have a problem with structure, most likely genetic, so little can be done to alter it. I’d be...

    Dave DraperJune 20, 2009
  • Traps

    While just about every strength athlete understands the value of keeping his or her lower back strong, few realize the role...

    Bill StarrJune 11, 2009
  • Biceps

    A fitness model/fitness trainer/college professor training arms is a totally different animal from a top competitive bodybuilder blasting out curl after...

    Cory CrowJune 5, 2009
  • Lat-Feel Fixes

    The mind-to-lats connection is not an easy one to develop. Plan on spending months or even years finessing it. In the...

    PavelMay 9, 2009
  • Seated Cable Rows and Lower-Back Pain

    It sounds like a good exercise. So what’s the problem with it? The very thing that makes the seated cable row...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.April 27, 2009
  • Shocking Shoulders

    Q: My shoulder growth has come to a standstill. Got a great routine that’ll boost growth again? A: A few years...

    Charles PoliquinApril 12, 2009
  • Bigger Bodyparts

    Few things are as impressive as thick and meaty outer lats. Beefy wings really fill out a shirt, and they can...

    Ron HarrisJanuary 10, 2009