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  • Variations for Size and Strength

    Training variations, such as altering hand and foot positions, build more size and strength and also help prevent injuries.

    Charles PoliquinDecember 29, 2008
  • Dead Wrong?

    If you’ve been stubbornly continuing to deadlift despite injuries just because you believe it’s the only path to a better back,...

    Ron HarrisDecember 20, 2008
  • Any Chump Can Jump!

    Whatever squat and calf program you select, make sure you apply yourself diligently on every rep on every set. Once you...

    Bill StarrDecember 17, 2008
  • Dumbbell Rows for Back Growth

    One of the most popular exercises in serious gyms is the dumbbell row. It’s an easy lift to learn and works...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.September 30, 2008
  • Etched-In-Stone Back Mass

    If you look at a complete picture of the back musculature in an anatomy book, you’ll notice that it has many...

    Paul BurkeJuly 24, 2008
  • Ah’ll-Be-Back Delt Attack

    Clean a pair of heavy dumbbells to your chest. Turn your palms toward each other and then rotate them forward as...

    Arnold SchwarzeneggerApril 29, 2008
  • Building a Great Back

    Actually, that's true, but we're so accustomed to bending our arms while rotating the scapulae that it takes a lot of...

    Larry ScottMarch 11, 2008
  • Back in Action

    The power clean is not a high-repetition exercise. The best combination is to do sets of four to eight reps.

    Greg ZulakFebruary 14, 2008
  • You’ll Never Have a Great Back

    The fact is, of course, even among bodybuilders who train to build a great back, few seem to succeed.

    Ron HarrisMarch 1, 2005
  • The Power of Intention

    If your intention is to get at least one more rep than last time, then training to failure isn?t enough, is...

    David YoungJune 29, 2000