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  • Know Exactly What You Want

    As with most of the things that you do in life, you can always operate at a higher, more accomplished and...

    Skip La CourApril 16, 2010
  • Is Acting Humble Really Serving You Well?

    You can see that the real message was mixed: We should aspire to become better than other people—but make sure that...

    Skip La CourMarch 5, 2010
  • Gravity, Iron, Force, Time, Space

    Some folks think there’s more to life—like, what are we here for, what’s it all mean? By the time they come...

    Dave DraperJanuary 13, 2010
  • A Day at the Beach

    Shall I engage the iron or ignore the defiant scraps scattered across the rubber mats, amassed on racks and poised on...

    Dave DraperJanuary 1, 2010
  • Transformation

    The first strik­ing thing about Yehyawi’s book is its cover. The author’s underexposed image says “self-published,” which had me bracing for...

    Becky HolmanDecember 23, 2009
  • Weight Loss or Well-Being?

    Most folks start an exercise program to lose weight. That makes sense because in our nation of abundance it’s easy to...

    Becky HolmanDecember 20, 2009
  • He’s Just Not That Into You, Iron

    I don’t like to consider myself, or most of my fellow bodybuilders, elitist snobs. One stereotype of bodybuilders is that we...

    Ron HarrisDecember 12, 2009
  • Attitude and Altitude—Higher and Higher

    Two workouts without the iron, however, and you’re in big trouble; bloating, drooping and drooling are inevitable. Three and it’s too...

    Dave DraperNovember 29, 2009
  • No, I’m Not Running For President

    Sitting at the bus stop organizing my gym bag, I’m once again reminded how glad I am I’m not running for...

    Dave DraperNovember 17, 2009
  • The Mind in Bodybuilding

    Zane has always had a fascination with mental training and how it can take results to a new level, and The...

    Becky HolmanOctober 24, 2009
  • Future Is Strong for Personal Trainers

    Other statistics confirm that personal trainers have a high degree of job satisfaction, making a career in fitness a fantastic choice...

    Iron Man MagazineOctober 18, 2009
  • Weights: To Lift or Not to Lift?

    Lifting the iron might not be easy, but it’s quite simple

    Dave DraperOctober 15, 2009
  • Research on the Benefits of Prayer

    “Some of the greatest scientific achievements have come from those who step outside of the box, and I believe that is...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDOctober 6, 2009
  • Lost and Alone Without the Iron

    What would life be like without the gym, the workouts, the weights? Curiously, I’ve never confronted that question.

    Dave DraperSeptember 30, 2009
  • I.Q. vs. Experience

    Be autonomous and control your own destiny as much as possible.

    Becky HolmanSeptember 15, 2009