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Attitude Determine’s Your Altitude

Team Tadster figure champs Anne-Marie Swisher and Mariah Rogers

Two of my figure champs and two of the best attitudes!

Your attitude will always determine your outcomes in life. In our lives, we usually get exactly what we expect, even if we don’t want it. But having a blessed and abundant life is more than just thinking happy thoughts and pushing your head in the sand. Positive and wonderful sentiments are great but what we all really want is for that to translate to our lives in real concrete ways.

Living up to the gold standard of positivity is not an easy task these days. And going through the motions of a positive existence will eventually show its negative results in your life if you don’t feel the positive abundance in your life. Remember, honesty with yourself and being true to your heart is the best policy here. In order to make your life what you want you have to be honest with yourself, even if you aren’t with everyone else. When you are honest with yourself, you then can accurately determine where you are in your life’s process. This is very much like the contest prep coaching that I do. If I am not honest with my competitors at every turn, every week, then it is hard to know how much effort must be applied to get the desired conditioning at a show.

Living an honest life, being happy and at peace in our lives, are qualities that stem from our attitude. This attitude ingredient is the key to life’s treasures and the abundance that our lives can offer to us. The only contingency to access the kind of attitude that will unlock these riches for us is real honesty with ourselves. It is impossible to move forward in our lives if we don’t act from our current positions. In other words, if you don’t respond to your life from where you really are right now, then you can’t make authentic progress.

Strive to be honest with yourself first, live intentionally, and express yourself with compassion, and the product of your life will yield abundance beyond what you could expect. This is the way we are designed.

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