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Stacks of Stress

/ Posted 09.10.2010

According to the January ’10 Prevention, kitchens often become dumping grounds for clutter, and that can lead to major stress. … continue reading


Powerful Alpha Male Body Language

/ Posted 09.07.2010

Don’t try to turn these body language habits on and off when you think you need them. Keep them on all the time. The more you practice and exercise these skills, the sooner you’ll integrate them into your own personality—and have them forever.


Disagreements, Conflicts and Confrontations

/ Posted 08.26.2010

Make sure that you immediately adopt the perspective of a strong leader—the alpha male—when challenged by disagreements, conflicts or confrontations. Then hold on to that mind-set and take action steps every chance you get.


Mad Zs

/ Posted 08.14.2010

Have you ever heard the expression, don’t go to bed angry? That turns out to be true because it disrupts … continue reading


Chef Jay’s Rags-to-Riches Story

/ Posted 07.18.2010

People can have amazing lives no matter where they are currently, and that’s the message I want to spread through writing and public speaking.


How to Get From There to Here

/ Posted 07.12.2010

He began taking responsibility and tackling his life problems one at a time: paying off fines and debts, getting his driver’s license reinstated, doing his income taxes—11 years’ worth that he had never filed, but he didn’t owe. Lucky for him he actually got a refund. He was moving up the ladder one rung at a time.


Alpha Leadership Strategies

/ Posted 07.03.2010

Just as you strengthen your muscles when you exercise in the gym, you’ll strengthen your ability to present your opinion powerfully and lead other people when you exercise this skill every time you can.


The Golden Age

/ Posted 06.24.2010

If you ask the real old-timers what they considered to be the golden age of bodybuilding, they’ll tell you it … continue reading


Venice Beach Memorial Day 2010 – LT Interviews Jerome Ferguson

/ Posted 06.15.2010

Venice Beach Memorial Day 2010 – LT Interviews Flex Wheeler

/ Posted 06.15.2010

The System

/ Posted 06.15.2010

Some of the book is common sense—at least from my feminine perspective—but those who want to be players will want to read it over and over. I objected to much of the tone—for example the author’s classifying sex as a game—but I’m not the audience. As I said, a lot of his techniques are perceptive. So after shaking off my disgust, I found myself saying, “You know, he’s right.”

Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors

/ Posted 06.06.2010

Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana famously warned, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Publication of volume … continue reading

Specific Alpha Leadership Strategies

/ Posted 05.31.2010

Leadership is the act or instance of guiding and influencing other people’s willingness to do something. Leadership is when you give other people directives they want to follow because doing so will help them get what they want or need.


Just Do It!

/ Posted 05.19.2010

You’ll discover that few thrills in life can equal the experience of standing on that brightly lit stage and showcasing your months and years of hard work. A pretty trophy and the roar of the crowd are nice, but they pale in comparison to knowing you did your very best and reached a new pinnacle in your lifelong pursuit of a better physique.


What’s the Secret to Maintaining Discipline?

/ Posted 04.19.2010

Q: A friend of mine just attended one of your seminars in Denmark. He says that you stay in very … continue reading

Know Exactly What You Want

/ Posted 04.16.2010

As with most of the things that you do in life, you can always operate at a higher, more accomplished and more proficient level. The higher that level, the greater the rewards you enjoy. Taking your “knowing exactly what you really want mind-set” to the next level is no exception.


Is Acting Humble Really Serving You Well?

/ Posted 03.05.2010

You can see that the real message was mixed: We should aspire to become better than other people—but make sure that we don’t act as if we have done so when we have.


Gravity, Iron, Force, Time, Space

/ Posted 01.13.2010

Some folks think there’s more to life—like, what are we here for, what’s it all mean? By the time they come to zero conclusions, I have half my workout done, a good burn and a decent pump.


A Day at the Beach

/ Posted 01.01.2010

Shall I engage the iron or ignore the defiant scraps scattered across the rubber mats, amassed on racks and poised … continue reading



/ Posted 12.23.2009

The first strik­ing thing about Yehyawi’s book is its cover. The author’s underexposed image says “self-published,” which had me bracing … continue reading

Weight Loss or Well-Being?

/ Posted 12.20.2009

Most folks start an exercise program to lose weight. That makes sense because in our nation of abundance it’s easy … continue reading


He’s Just Not That Into You, Iron

/ Posted 12.12.2009

I don’t like to consider myself, or most of my fellow bodybuilders, elitist snobs. One stereotype of bodybuilders is that we consider nonbodybuilders lazy, unmotivated and not concerned enough about their appearance. You know what they say: Behind every stereotype is a little bit of truth.


Attitude and Altitude—Higher and Higher

/ Posted 11.29.2009

Two workouts without the iron, however, and you’re in big trouble; bloating, drooping and drooling are inevitable. Three and it’s too late—delirium and bed-wetting are not uncommon. Four, you’re tabloid headlines…cute photos. And five, they forget your name; you become a tube-fed number and are assigned a cot in Ward X.


No, I’m Not Running For President

/ Posted 11.17.2009

Sitting at the bus stop organizing my gym bag, I’m once again reminded how glad I am I’m not running for president this year. Hard training, smart eating and the basic truths go right out the window.


The Mind in Bodybuilding

/ Posted 10.24.2009

Zane has always had a fascination with mental training and how it can take results to a new level, and The Mind in Body Building puts his practices into perspective for you to use.

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