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Sex With Your Workouts?

7301-mind7• Working out is sexy—well, maybe not while you’re doing it, at least most exercises, but the results you get can increase your desire to get intimate. That’s especially true of women. According to the June ’12 Health, “Women who exercise have higher sexual self-esteem, which means they may have a greater desire to have sex.” That’s from a study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality—and it explains why gyms are a great place to hook up (just tell her how great her workouts are making her look, and your post-training “cardio” may be the best you’ve ever had).

• Got the protein-breath blues? Try coconut oil. According to Bottom Line Publications’ Secret Superfoods, “Coconut oil can soothe ailments of the mouth, such as bad breath, gum disease and toothache.” The suggestion is to brush your teeth with a mixture of one-eighth teaspoon baking soda and one-half teaspoon organic extra-virgin coconut oil. The downside: People will stop offering you all those free Tic Tacs.

• We’ve all heard how drinking tea is good for our health. It even has fat-burning properties. But most people don’t prep properly, according to the April ’13 Reader’s Digest. The mistake is leaving the bag in until the tea is cool enough to drink. “Keep the tea bag in the hot water for only two minutes, pour milk into the cup, and let it sit for another six minutes before your first sip.” Who knew we needed to be taught teatotaling?

—Steve Holman


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