Stronger every week!

/ Posted 10.29.2007

Today was leg day. And, once again, I was significantly stronger. Last week I was able to squat 155 for 10 reps and 135 for 15. Today I went 2 sets of 185 lbs for 10 reps each and finished with 155 for 15. I also went up on the leg press from 410 lbs for 15 reps on my heaviest set last week, to 450 lbs for 2 sets of 20 reps today. By the time I got to leg curls and leg extentions my hamstring and my whole left knee was getting extremely sore, so I cut those a little short….although I was able to go up a little in weight. It’s been about 2 hours since I finished my workout and right now my knee is really really hurting. It was like this last week after my workout and felt much better the following day. I’m hoping that’s how it goes again. If not, I’m gonna be using a cane again tomorrow.

Squats (below parallel) 6 sets 10-15 reps

Leg Press 8 sets 20-30 reps

Seated Leg Curls (each leg separately) 3 sets 12 reps

Leg Extension (separately) 3 sets 12-15 reps

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/ Posted 10.26.2007

It’s Friday morning.  My legs are still pretty sore from my leg workout on Monday.  My chest is a little sore from my Tuesday working and my back is already getting sore from my workout yesterday.  I have shoulders and arms this afternoon, so it’s possible that my whole body will be sore tomorrow.

I had a great back workout yesterday.  It feels so good to be able to do my partial deadlifts again with some decent weight.  I was able to go up to 315 lbs for a set of 15 and a set of 12.  I was tempted to do more, but was starting to feel it in the hamstring tendon.  It was a good thing that I didn’t push it more.  Last night the tendon and my whole knee got really tight and sore, and I’m still more sore ( in the knee and tendon) today than I’d like to be.

Partial Deadlifts 6 sets 12-20 reps

Lat Pulldowns 5 sets 7-10 reps

Seated Cable Rows 4 sets 10-12 reps

High Pulley Row 4 sets 7-10 reps

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Barry Wile

/ Posted 10.24.2007


I forgot to post pics of my client Barry Wile. Barry earned his first victory at the WNSO Gulf States/Alamo Classic on October 13th in San Antonio. Barry was the Tall Class winner in both the Novice and Open divisions. This was only his 2nd contest. Congrats to Barry!

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/ Posted 10.24.2007

All my workouts have been going so well lately, but yesterday’s chest workout sucked!  By the time I finished I felt like I had gotten a pretty decent workout, but my strength was way off last week’s workout.  Maybe I was still tired from my leg workout, or maybe I’m getting carb depleted.  I’ve been cutting down somewhat on carbs to try to get a little leaner for my guest posing appearance at the Ironman Alaska.  I thought the show was November 3rd, but found out yesterday that it’s actually November 10th (in Juneau), so I have an extra week to get my left leg bigger and my waist smaller.

Bench Press 9 sets 6-15 reps

Incline Press 5 sets 8-10 reps

Pec Fly Machine 3 sets 12-15 reps

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Hamstring doing better

/ Posted 10.22.2007

I had a great leg workout today!  My injured leg is improving very rapidly now.  It’s still painful, but I’m able to push myself close to muscular failure in my leg workout now.   3 weeks ago I couldn’t squat the olympic bar.  Last week I squatted 95 lbs. for 15 reps.  Today I did 135 for 15  and 155 for 10….all below parallel!  It doesn’t sound like much, but it was very exciting for me to see so much improvement in a week!

Squats  7 sets 10-15 reps

Leg Press 6 sets 20-30 reps

Leg Ext 5 sets 10-12 reps each leg

Seated Leg Curl  4 sets 10-12 reps each leg

Standing Calf raise 5 sets 12-15 reps

Donkey Calf raise 3 sets 12 reps

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/ Posted 10.19.2007

My shoulders and elbows were kinda sore today, so I started my arm workout light, supersetting bi’s and tri’s.  After those supersets I had a really good pump going and then went on to work biceps and triceps separately.  It worked out really good!  It was the best arm workout I’ve had in months!

Superset Cable Curls and Pressdowns  6 supersets 10-12 reps

Standing DB Curls 6 sets 8-10 reps

Hammer Curls 4 sets 10 reps

Skull Crushers 5 sets 10-12 reps

Dips 4 sets to failure  35, 26, 22, 21

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Awesome Workouts

/ Posted 10.18.2007

As my injured leg continues to improve, my workouts get stronger and stronger.  I started my morning by training a couple of clients then I took a two mile walk.  After a Pro Fusion drink and taking care of some computer work, I started by back workout.  My partial deadlifts went Great!  I increased my weight by 75lbs over my heaviest set from last week.  I was also able to go up 15 lbs on lat pulldowns and 20 lbs on my seated cable rows.

Partial Deadlifts 5 sets 15-20 reps

Lat Pulldowns  5 sets 8-12 reps

Seated Cable Rows 4 sets 8-10 reps

Free Motion High Row 4 sets 8-12 reps

One Arm DB Row 3 sets 12 reps

After relaxing for a few minutes to drink my protein drink I headed home for lunch.  I was so fired up about my workout that I decided to stop at the Golds Gym near my house to work shoulders.  This would allow me to focus more on biceps and triceps in my workout tomorrow.

I was able to increase my weight on overhead DB presses, using 80 lb DB’s on my last two sets.

Seated DB Press 7 sets 8-10 reps

Lateral Raises 4 sets 10-12 reps

Rear Delt Machine fly  5 sets 10-12 reps

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Double good day!

/ Posted 10.16.2007

It was a great day today! This afternoon I had an appointment with Dr. Burns. He said the tendon should be grown back to the bone 100% and I’m free to do anything that I want! He was extremely pleased with the way it looked and with the strength of my hamstring. I pretty sure I do a lot more work than his average patient. I’m not pain-free, but that will reduce with time, as will the swelling that’s still there.

My visit to the doctor’s office took up my normal workout time, so I had to train in the evening…something I rarely do. As it turned out, I had a terrific chest workout. It was the strongest I’ve had since before my injury. I’m sure I’ll be plenty sore tomorrow!

Speaking of soreness, I pushed it on my leg workout yesterday. My ham tendon is a little sore and stiff today, but not bad at all. What is sore are my hamstrings, adductors, and glutes… the good way! Guess I’ll have to work harder on the quads next leg workout.

Here’s my chest workout today:

Bench Press 8 sets 5-10 reps

Incline Press 6 sets 6-10 reps

Pec Fly machine 4 sets 10-12 reps.


Another Promising Leg Workout

/ Posted 10.15.2007

Today went really well.  My leg is feeling so much better…at least it was until after my workout today.  I pushed it quite a bit and it felt good to be really exhausted after a leg workout.  I was able to squat 95 lbs for 15 reps today.  It doesn’t sound like much, but 2 weeks ago I couldn’t squat the olympic bar.  I know I have a long way to go, but it feels great to be making such rapid progress right now!

Squats  6 set 10-15 reps

Leg Press 6 sets 20-30 reps (I was able to do 360 lbs for 2 sets of 30 reps)

Lying Leg Curls (these still hurt the tendon alot) 2 sets 12 reps

Seated Leg Press 3 sets 20 reps each leg

Seated Leg Curl 4 sets 12-15 reps each leg

Leg Ext 4 sets 12 reps each leg

Standing Calf Raise 4 sets 15 reps

Donkey Calf Raise 3 sets 15 reps

I had to lie down and ice my leg after the workout.  It’s pretty sore right now.  I expect it will be a little swollen and stiff tomorrow, but usually by the 3rd day it’s feeling better than before.

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Thursday and Friday

/ Posted 10.13.2007

My workouts have been going great!  Thursday I was able to do partial deadlifts with 225 lbs.  That’s up 50 lbs from last week!  Having enough strength in my hamstring to do seated cable rows and to boost DB’s up for my overhead presses has been such a great feeling!

Thursday Back workout

Partial Deadlifts 6 sets 10-15 reps

Lat Pulldowns  5 sets 8-12 reps

Seated Cable Rows 4 sets 12 reps

High Pulley Rows 4 sets 8-12 reps

Friday Shoulders and Arms

Seated DB Press  8 sets 8-12 reps

DB lateral raise  4 sets 10-12 reps

Rear Delt Machine flyes  6 sets 10-12 reps

Skull Crushers 4 sets 10-12 reps

Dips bodyweight 35, 20, 20

Pressdowns  4 sets 6-10 reps

Cable Curls  5 sets 8-12 reps

Standing DB Curls 3 sets 8-10 reps

Hammer Curls  4 sets 10 reps

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