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Wennerstrom Onboard With Femme Physique

wennerstrom_2wbThe June ’09 IRON MAN arrived in today’s mail, and I got a huge oh-wow when I opened on Steve Wennerstrom’s piece on the Ms. International competition—”A Prestigious Display of Muscle Since 1986.” I’d forgotten what a fabulous physique Cathey Palyo had (Those lats! Those thighs!). Steve’s black-and-whites of Palyo and the Erika Geisen, the first Ms. I, were mighty striking.

Of course, I’d already seen the article, when I proofread it—and the layout—in my day job as IM’s senior editor, but there’s something about holding the actual magazine in your hands that makes it so impressive and completely new.

The Ms. International piece is the first installment of Femme Physique, Steve’s new series on the history of women’s physique sports. It’s a great addition to IRON MAN‘s contests-personalities-and-bodybuilding-lifestyle part of the book, as I like to call it, and there’s no better person to write it than the guy who goes by the moniker “IFBB Women’s Historian.”

Which brings me to the accompanying photo of Steve’s old press pass from the World Games. I almost didn’t recognize him without the baseball cap. Tee hee hee.

I hope you’ll check out Steve’s series—next month the World Games; how many people even know about that competition? And while you’re at it, you can check out the rest of IRON MAN. Not just for the fun stuff mentioned above but because it’s a really good publication for people who train with weights. Thanks to my day job, I happen to know that. Plus, our over-40 issues, which we put out every few months, are must-reading for any female flexer or figure competitor who’s been doing masters for multiple seasons—and you know who you are.

The June ’09 IRON MAN is on newsstands now, or you can or get a copy at Home-Gym Warehouse ( or 1-800-447-0008).

Photo: Wennerstrom’s antique press badge from the World Games. Welcome aboard, Steve. Your new series is a winner.

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