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Pressure’s on Ron….and Ron

img_0367Am heading out to Anaheim High School’s Cook Auditorium Saturday morning to check out the pre-judging of the Orange County Muscle Classic.

Will be there for several reasons: want to look for potential Rising Stars-AND competitors for my Junior Cal, now exactly eight weeks away–, am anxious as hell to finally see Ronald Sargeant on stage and am dying to know who, between Ron “Yogi” Avidan, Shawn (I forgot my wallet) Ray and Silveo (I’m retiring but I’m still competing) Samuel will be picking up the lunch tab at the Cheesecake Factory. Last year, if you remember, Ray talked Silveo into doing the honors, even though he didn’t know half of the people who were grubbing down on his credit card.

Also, if you remember (and are a reader of this sublime blog), Ron, as in Yogi, couldn’t stop singing the praises of Ron, as in Sargeant, after Avidan saw the big fella (I’ve asked Yogi three times for Ron’s height and weight-he wrote back that he’s 43 years old) won the Novice Overall at the San Diego Championships in March.

Yogi, who continues his obsession of trying to replace me as “The Swami”, literally begging for my crown, will now have his rep on the line big time: Ron has guaranteed me the other Ron will capture the Overall crown on Saturday.

Prejudging starts at 11 am, finals at 6:30 at night. Jay Cutler is the featured guest poser, which always gives the fans good reason to attend this premier Jon Lindsay production.

Make sure to come up and say hello if you are there in the morning…and, to tell me if Yogi really knows his stuff when Sargeant hits the stage.

Speaking of Cutler, Jay will be one of  12-count ’em, 12!-major guest posers at the Pittsburgh Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships the following weekend at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh.

I see that getting on Jim Manion’s case about securing more than one or two guest posers has finally sunken in: current Mr. O Dexter Jackson, 8-time Sandow winner Ronnie (The Big Nasty) Coleman, Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf, Branch Warren, Victor Martinez, Toney Freeman and Kai Greene will be performing, along with Jay, at the finals. Oh, for good measure, Chris Cormier, King Kamali and 2009 NPC Wheelchair champion Jason Greer will also do their thing.

Okay, was just joshin’ about the guest posing scenario. Can you imagine that assemblage, on all stage, at the same time, in a contest NOT called the Mr. Olympia or the Arnold Classic? And, am officially requesting that the man with the best crop of hair (?) in the industry, JM Manion, sends me a photo of the assemblage that has become an annual affair in Pennsylvania.

I’ve been following the progress of the new Bikini division in early shows this year, and have been impressed by both the numbers and the quality. Looking forward to seeing how this group ends up May 2.

Pre-judging beings at 9 am; finals are at 6:30 pm. For contest entries or more information, contact Jim Manion at (412) 276-5027, or write to [email protected].

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