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The Keys to Muscle Growth – Progression

There are so many factors important to muscle growth and ultimately reshaping or recomposing your body that we sometimes lose sight of some of the most basic concepts responsible for results. One of those is progressive resistance. So many people change their routines so often that they never get a good assessment of whether or not they are progressing.

Beginners often do well because they keep it simple. They live and die by continually adding weight to the bar. Then an interesting thing often occurs, they lose sight of that goal. We must always remember that muscles grow when they are pushed and when they have to perform by lifting more weight than they did before or when they lift the same weight for more repetitions. In reality that is where we need to focus our attention if we want results. We need to be as determined as a bullet fired from a 44 caliber pistol. That bullet makes no excuses for lack of action. It goes after its target, period end of story.

Enter your workouts into a training log. Then you’ll know exactly what you did on you last workout. If you’re after consistent progress then you MUST go after at least one new rep each workout OR add weight to the bar to make consistent increases in muscle development. Go after it with laser focused, 44 caliber determination.

Always record your progress in a training log. Know exactly where you are and what needs to happen today. Record every exercise, the amount of weight you used and the number of reps you performed. Be determined to beat your own performance. No excuses. No giving up. No giving in. Not for you. Not ever… never.

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