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Product Spotlight: VitaliGenix T10 by MuscleTech

Some of the most dubious products in the history of supplements have been testosterone boosters. So when a product like VitalGenix T10 shows up on the shelves, with clinical trials, all of its ingredients listed in their individual amounts, and boasting a new liquid plasma cap technology for rapid release, it’s hard not to get excited. The supplement takes its name from the fact that during the double-blind placebo-controlled test on VitalGenix T10, the product raised the free testosterone levels of its users by almost 34 percent in just 10 hours.

VitalGenix T10 relies on a slew of proven performers such as Tribulus terrestris, fenu- greek, and maca extracts, and delivers these active ingredients in generous dosages that outstrip competing supplements, either in amount or standardization. The formula is rounded out with a few more novel players, such as boron citrate and olive extract.VitaliGenixBox_RF

Adequate testosterone levels in men are more than just about being the Man of Steel in the bedroom. Experts will tell you that serious health markers, such as insulin sensitivity, are improved when testosterone levels increase, as well as quality-of-life factors such as cognitive performance and confidence. VitalGenix T10 might very well be your ticket to a leaner and more muscular physique, but it also might usher in a happier and healthier version of you.

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