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Product Spotlight: Beast Mode by Beast Nutrition

Beast Mode Black isn’t your average pre-workout supplement. Many pre-workout products are formulated with a mountain of caffeine mixed with some arginine, in the hopes that getting snazzy in the weight room will lead to a good pump. Beast Mode Black, however, is a next-level pre-workout that is thoughtfully crafted to enhance every aspect of the workout experience. A hefty dose of caffeine is used to fire up the central nervous system but is buffered by TeaCrine and yohimbe to provide a sustained stimulation with zero crash. (If you have never used a pre-workout product before and are not used to caffeine, start with half of a dose.) Beta-alanine and agmatine (a derivative of arginine) help create massive pumps in the muscles being worked. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Beast Mode Black includes DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) to help increase focus and keep you centered on your workout. Beast Mode Black also contains choline, which is thought to boost focus and cognitive health. Cognitive enhancers (sometimes referred to as nootropics) is a relatively young category of pre-workout supplements but one with an exciting upside for helping athletes optimize their training. Beast Mode Black is rounded out with B vitamins and a dose of the amino acid taurine, common ingredients in energy drinks.

If you’re smart, you’ll skip that overpriced 16-ouncer of sugary marketing hype and choose a well-crafted and true multi-disciplinary pre-workout supplement. Beast Mode Black is available in Beast Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade flavors. For more info, check out

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