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Product Spotlight: Native Pro 100 by Rivalus

The phrase “eating clean” gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry, but for the first time you can use it to describe your protein powder. Native Pro 100 by Rivalus is the next step in protein engineering. Native Pro 100 is derived directly from the milk of pastured, grass-fed cows that are not treated with hormones or antibiotics. The innovative minds at Rivalus have found a way to streamline the journey from farm to bottle, eliminating steps that expose the milk to heat, changes in PH, and overprocessing that damages the natural and beneficial biological activity of the proteins. The end result is a clean and pure product that is 95 percent protein (your basic high-quality whey protein concentrate is 80 percent protein, sometimes even less), with 17 percent more leucine, 25 percent more arginine and tyrosine, and eight percent more glutamine than typical whey protein powders.

nativeSeveral studies are still underway that will gauge the performance impact Native Pro 100 will have on athletes. However, preliminary evidence suggests that Native Pro 100 users experience improved power, muscular endurance, and time to recovery.
It’s not often that a breakthrough in food science leads to a product that is closer to its natural food state, contributes a smaller carbon footprint (less heat used in processing), is more compassionate to the natural resources in its supply chain (through the use of pastured, grass-fed cows), and delivers a product that is superior and more effective than its predecessors. We’re impressed.

Native Pro 100 contains 130 calories per serving with 30 grams of protein, one gram of carbs, and less than a gram each of fat and sugar. Native Pro 100 is available in true vanilla and pure chocolate flavors.
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