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Personal Trainer Competence

Q: How to do you assess whether a personal trainer/strength coach is competent?

A: It’s very easy. Can his female clients who have trained with him for 12 weeks do 12 chinups? I don’t care how big her butt is and/or how old she is. A competent trainer can take any untrained female and get her to 12 chinups in 12 weeks. Yes, that means there are very few competent trainers out there.

At the Poliquin International Certification Program we teach that skill at level 1. Know what? Most pro sports strength coaches and many top college strength coaches can’t do it either. Sad, isn’t it?

Many women spend more than 12 weeks in law-enforcement teaching academies and leave without being able to do a single chinup. Dreadful. Goes to show the poor level of knowledge about proper training methodology everywhere.

That’s why my certification program has been so successful worldwide. Classes sell out in record time, whether we hold them in Denmark or Australia. Using the Poliquin methodology, my students are now producing Olympic medalists. A great example is Daniel Knebel from Germany, who trained Germany’s first gold medalist in judo in 30 years at the last Olympics in Beijing. His Olympic success—achieved at a very young age—is now getting him job offers from all sorts of professional teams in Europe.

—Charles Poliquin


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