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New Year’s Resolution Time or New Year’s Action time?

Well it is almost the end of January and for many it is a disappointing time of the year when all the New Year’s resolutions have gone by the way-side. It seems to me that many people set themselves up for failure with New Year’s resolutions when they aren’t explicit with defining daily actions that will dictate whether they can succeed at whatever New Year’s resolution that they have set before themselves. It is important to understand that the outcomes our lives follow the direction of our daily processes. Your daily process is the sum of all the actions that you repeat over and over each day. Brushing your teeth, for instance, is a great process to have if you want clean teeth. Now this seems obvious, but when you extrapolate the effects of your daily process over time you can quickly see how this can directly impact all the goals that you may have for your life.

In order to accomplish anything in your life you have to put your desire to action. You must translate what you want from your life and associate it with an action or a series of actions each day. If you can do this and repeat it daily, then you have a winning daily process that will over enough time empower  you to accomplish whatever you want in your life. New Year’s resolutions are for many, much like a wish list that you want. The only problem with wish lists are that you have to give them to someone else who is willing to give you what is on your list if you ever hope to get what is on your wish list in your life. Resolutions are wish lists for ourselves, and built within this is the assumption that we will give to ourselves what is on the list. In order to do this, you need a process that has actions associated with it. In other words, you must do something to get what you want and I would extend this to say that you must do something everyday if you want to get what is on your wish list and keep it. So before you abandon your New Year’s resolution this time, sit down and think about what you must do daily to accomplish your resolution. Then go out and do it daily!

Tune in to the latest episode of Muscle Invasion Radio with me Tad the Diet Coach, I spoke in detail about the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. Let me know what you think. Good luck.

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