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More Protein For A Happy Diet

more protein for a happy diet

Cutting back calories can be miserable, and not just for you. A diet is no picnic for the people who have to live with someone who is hungry and cranky. Luckily, researchers have recently determined that high-protein diets, one of the best strategies for losing fat, take the misery out of the dieting experience.

Scientist at Tufts University put two groups on a diet for six months. One group ate a measly 15 percent of their calories from protein, while the other consumed twice that number. Both groups were given questionnaires that rated their levels of depression, anxiety, tension, confusion, and energy. At the end of the experiment, the high-protein group’s mood profile actually improved from before they began the diet. The mood of the low-protein group worsened significantly.

State of mind is a major predictor of success when it comes to long-term commitment to your goals. If you’re cut-ting calories and hating it, try adding in some extra helpings of low-fat protein. It most likely won’t derail your fat loss, but it might do amazing things for your outlook.

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