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Last 2 workouts

I’m looking at my blogs and I seem to have forgotten to post my workout from last Thursday, Sept 13th.  It was pretty significant because it was the best workout I’ve had in 2 months (since my hamstring injury).  My friend Brenda brought along Taylor Burford to work shoulders with us.  Taylor is a young man with a great future in bodybuilding.  He was the 2007 Texas Shredder Classic Collegiate Champion and was runner-up in the Novice Tall Class….in his first show ever.  I got a tremendous shoulder workout!  It was the first time since my injury that I was able to use my leg to boost the dumbells into position for overhead presses.  I haven’t gone over 50 lb. DB’s in 2 months because I couldn’t get the left one up.  But Thursday I was able to go to 75 lb DB’s for 10 reps.  And being able to do lateral raises standing again was really nice!  Brenda and Taylor were great training partners and the workout was just tremendous.  Then I talked them into doing triceps with me too!

Seated DB Press 6 sets 10-12 reps

Lateral raises  5 sets 12-15 reps

Rear Delt machine flyes 5 sets 12-15 reps

Seated Tricep Extension 5 sets 15-20 reps

Pressdowns 4 sets 10-15 reps

I did legS today!  Yes, both legs…at the same time on some of the exercises.  I can’t say it felt good, but it felt better.  My injured leg was much stronger today than last week.  It seems to be feeling a little bit better every day!  I was excited about the amount of stuff I could do and the range of motion that I could work through.

Horizontal squat machine  one leg at a time  4 sets 10-12 reps

both legs   3 sets 20-25 reps

Seated Leg press  one leg at a time  3 sets 15 reps

both legs 3 sets 20 reps

45 degree Leg Press both legs 3 sets 20 reps

good leg  4 sets 10-15 reps

Seated leg curls one leg at a time  3 sets 12-15 reps

Leg extension one leg at a time  3 sets 12-15 reps

Standing calf raise both legs  4 sets 15-20 reps

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