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My brother’s wedding

Ok…my sister, Tena, has officially chasitized me for not including our dancing at my brother’s wedding on Saturday night as part of my injury healing/rehab in my workout blog. So, here it is…my brother, Dan, got married Saturday night to Melissa Haney…a wonderful woman! The ceremony was outside, in Texas….hot! While I was thinking that I wasn’t as hot as I thought I would be in the tux (I was a groomsman), I looked at my brother standing with his bride and I must say that I’ve never seen anyone sweat so profusely unless they were doing a super intense workout in the heat! He was pouring with sweat!!! But the ceremony was really nice and then we had fun dancing at the reception that followed. I was very hesitant about dancing at first, but had to do it when they called for the wedding party. I told Teresa (my new sister-in-law’s sister) that I needed to take tiny steps and not move a whole lot. It didn’t hurt….much… so I danced more. I actually danced quite a bit (mostly country dancing). Tena asked me if my leg was hurting the next day. Surprisingly, it felt considerably better the next day! So, I’m officially announcing that because of dancing with Tena and my mother, my leg is healing much faster!

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