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Kizzy Kills at the Fort Lauderdale Pro Fitness Cup

Bradford_ATL09_2149WbWhen Shannon Dey, fitness pro, magazine publisher and trainer-coach of Team Bombshell Fitness told me more than a year ago that she and her buddy Kristen Nagrani would be picking up where the late South Florida promoter John Organ left off, putting on an all-girls show in Fort Lauderdale featuring NPC fitness, figure and bikini as well as IFBB pro shows in fitness and figure, she acknowledged that the Olympia top six would not be flocking to her venue. “We won’t get the top girls,” she said, “but we’ll get the hungry ones.”

That prediction turned out to be right on, particularly in fitness, where Great Britain’s largely unknown Kizzy Vaines soared to the top of the lineup, scoring a solid 22-point win over runner-up Nicole Duncan last night. In fact, 16 hungry hardbodies, more than a few of them newbies and less-than-household names, heeded Shannon’s call to Florida. Kizzy, who arguably possesses one of the two best names in fitness, won both rounds, with Kristina Rojas taking second in the physique comparisons and the always entertaining Duncan performing the second-placed routine.

That’s a big change-up from the Atlantic City pro a month ago, when Duncan was fourth and Vaines landed in sixth. It’s especially good news for Kizzy, who’ was the ’04 British champ. Though she’s competed in the pro ranks a time or two in past years, she went on my radar at the Atlantic City show. Great that the judges picked up the frequency too.

Bradford_09TU_Yenny_7053WbOne immediate shot in the arm the Fort Lauderdale Cup has given the sport of fitness is that it added three names to the competitor list for the ’10 Olympia, including two first-timers. That would be Kizzy and brand-new pro Yenny Polanco, the third-place finisher, who won her class win at the Fitness Nationals last month and wasted no time in making her debut. Polanco proved to be one lucky gal, as well as a polished performer: The scores for third through fifth were very close, with two points separating her from fourth-placer Rojas and two separating Rojas from fifth-placer Nita Marquez.

Here are the complete placings:

1) Kizzy Vaines
2) Nicole Duncan
3) Yenny Polanco
4) Kristina Rojas
5) Nita Marquez
6) Tonya Burkhardt
7) Desiree Walker
8) Nizole Balarezo
9) Michele Mayberry
10) Victoria Larvie
11) Liza Hughes
12) Sandi Stuart
13_Bridgette Murray
14) Sandie Ward
DNF) Leslie Rae Newton
DNF) Susana Cacavieli

Photos (from top):

Kizzy Vaines (left) and Nicole Duncan at the Atlantic City Pro Fitness in September.

Yenny Polanco skips rope at the Fitness Nationals, also in September.

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