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Welcome, West Coast Classic

New National qualifier. New venue. New date. Good-bye Junior Cal, hello West Coast Classic. Made another trip to El Monte High School on Monday, and shook on an agreement with the staff; the date of June 26 is reserved for my event in 2010. With the okay from Los Angeles District Chairman Jaguar Jon Lindsay, I sent in my sanction fee and paper work to the NPC office Tuesday.

Why the move from Rosemead High School, which everyone enjoyed so much last year? A two-year renovation project is prohibiting the school from renting out the auditorium until the end of 2011 but, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Literally, in this case.

El Monte High is only three miles east of Rosemead High, is in the same school district, and recently completed a multi-million dollar face-lift. Art deco style, a la Venice High School. The auditorium is very nice and cozy, seats 1,000 and is easy to get to, with plenty of free, up close parking. Although I’ll know more after the event takes place, I’d say it will be every bit as pleasing as Rosemead was. Will keep the same host hotel, actually—the Rosemead Comfort Suites.

So, let’s get to the summary. The NPC West Coast Classic’s inaugural Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini shebang, June 26, 2010, El Monte High School. My first National qualifier. And, if you noticed that the event will be a week later than usual, congrats for having a keen eye. Moves it away from high school graduation week, Father’s Day weekend, and the start of summer vacation. And, the show won’t take place the same day as the Junior Nationals, so some of the media members—and contestants–who normally trek to Chicago, will be able to be a part of the event.

Oh, by the way, on the subject of “new.” Our “new” Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, has already agreed to return as my featured guest poser. Talk about icing on the cake, eh?

For updates on the exciting news, go to my new contest site at

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