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Junior USA—More New Pros

Is it June already? It must be because we are finally finished with the August IRON MAN. (Don’t become a magazine production editor if you expect to get holidays off lol.) Before I move on to the three women’s pro shows that took place this past weekend, it’s time to backtrack to May 21,  where pro cards were given in three other divisions besides women’s physique.

Two cards each were awarded in bikini and figure. Overall bikini honors went to C-class winner Candyce Graham, a former track-and-field athlete whose accomplishments include a 55-second 100-yard dash when she was high school. Based on the photos, I’d say the 28-year-old Floridian has the stuff to go the distance in the pros.

The second pro card went to B-class winner Amanda Duncan.

Also taking the C-class and overall honors was figure champ Chikondi Mseka, who hails from the Washington, D.C. area and was t he runner-up at a number of shows in 2010. Nothing like moving up to the pros to make a girl feel special.

The second pro card in that one went to Heather Grace, who wasted no time jumping into the California Pro a week later.

In fitness the one card up for grabs went to Paula Williams-Gulman, who got my attention with her uncanny resemblance to suit maker Cynthia James. That said, it was undoubtedly her excellent physique and arresting routine that got the panel’s attention. Ironically, as it turns out, C.J. Had made her costume.

Good job, ladies. We’ll see you all at the next level.

Photo: Candyce Graham. (Photo courtesy of Find photos of Chicondi and Paula in the following entries.

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