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Getting started back up!

Well, it’s not exactly the beginning of the year, but it is the beginning of my quest to get back into contest shape.  Diana is finally done with chemo-therapy.  All of the poison will be out of her system soon and hopefully so will the nausea.  One of the few things that she has been able to eat through the whole ordeal is Italian food.  Being the supportive boyfriend that I am, I’ve eaten more Italian food since the beginning of September than I’ve eaten (probably) in the last 10 years combined.  Combine that with the fact that I’ve been trying to let some injuries heal up for the last three months so I haven’t been working out hard.  The sum total is that I’m the fattest I’ve ever been in my life.  I still look good compared to the average guy, but I’ve never been the average guy.  The Texas Shredder has turned into the Texas Cream Puff!  But, since easy training hasn’t helped heal up any of my injuries, as of yesterday, I’m training hard again!  I’m sending in my IFBB membership today and targeting some June contests to compete in Men’s Physique.  Diana and I still have to decide on exactly which shows to do, as we’ve been scheduled to judge a bunch of NPC Texas contests this year.  Coordinating the yearly schedule isn’t as easy as it used to be!

Yesterday I did a hard back workout at Hyde Park Gym.  It felt really good to workout hard again!!!  Easy workouts are just no fun for me.  And, they don’t maintain my muscle very well either.  But, since working out easy didn’t make anything feel better, I’m back on hard workouts.  If I’m going to hurt anyway, I might as well look good and have fun lifting!!!

In other good news, Diana gave me an Ipad 2 for Christmas (although I just got it last Thurs).  Now I have no excuse for not blogging regularly!

Here’s yesterday’s workout:

Lat Pulldowns for warmup:  100X12, 120X10, 140X8

Close grip chin-ups 5, 5, 3 Holding 10 seconds on the last rep of each set (I’m weighing 190…so not only am I weak, but I’m chinning considerably more weight than usual)

Wide Grip Pulldowns 4X style (30 second rests) 120X10X8X7X8

High Pulley Row 130×8, 140X8, 150X6

T-bar Rows 4X style (30 second rests) 75X10X10X8X6

EZ Bar Curls  4X stlyle  40X10X10X8X6

Rear Delt Machine Fly 4X style 60X10X10X10X8

I wasn’t moving much weight, but it sure felt great to get a good burn and a great pump again.  This morning my lats are already sore, but it feels good!!!

Back on track!!!


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