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Mangia ~ Lets Eat!

Ok, so you got my new book, The Power of Positive Fitness and you want to really rock and roll with it… but….
You are a little OCD when it comes to recording things to make sure you are on track.
You know the type they have a note book in the gym and then you see them in a restaurant recording everything they eat.
I can’t do that personally but there is a big advantage to tracking what you eat, at least for a while to keep yourself accountable.
Like writing your goals down does something in your subconscious mind so does writing down your meals.
I know I think twice before eating something, if I know and I writing it down.
In the back of my book you will find a very simple “Daily Meal Tracking Form”
Personally I find it inconvenient to carry a binder around to do this so the solution that I think works well is to use a little technology along with it!
I use Evernote for a lot of things and when I am at a point were I want to tighten up my diet I just add the “Daily Meal Tracking Form” to Evernote.
I am doing this myself right now so it is fresh in my mind.  I want to be my best when I hit 52 so I am getting Evernote ready for me to start tomorrow.
This allows me to use my iPhone or my computer to keep my daily records.
When you combine HabitFoundry with Evernote you have the 1-2 punch to success on your side! Plus they are both FREE, so the price is right!
Simple, easy and convent.  That’s how I roll!! :-)
Total Portions of Protein:
Total Grams of Cautious Carbs:
Total Oz Water:

Meal #1

Meal #2

Meal #3

Meal #4

Meal #5
Meal #6
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