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  • Building the Ultimate Physique, Month 1: Getting Started

    If you’re thinking about starting bodybuilding for the first time and would like to pack on up to 30 pounds of...

    John LittleFebruary 5, 2008
  • An Ideal Beginning Strength Program

    The majority of requests for information I receive deal with back injuries and programming. This month I present what I believe...

    Bill StarrFebruary 4, 2008
  • Naptime

    You’ve heard it a thousand times—if you want to recover and grow from your training, you need to get enough sleep....

    Ron HarrisJanuary 31, 2008
  • Top 10 Ab Myths

    There’s something about a ripped set of abs that grabs onlookers by the throat and rivets their eyeballs. Sure, big arms...

    Steve HolmanJanuary 29, 2008
  • Anabolic Firestarters

    The reason that a trace mineral is required in extremely small amounts is that it serves as a coenzyme, permitting the...

    George Redmon, Ph.D., N.D.January 17, 2008
  • Occlusion Training

    Wild and crazy training methods seem to come out every other week these days. Whether it’s static-contraction training, superslow mo or...

    Layne NortonJanuary 17, 2008
  • Holistic Hypertrophy

    Training to add mass sounds simple: Recruit and exhaust as many muscle fibers as possible. Unfortunately, the most common methods of...

    Glen DanburyJanuary 17, 2008
  • Shredded Muscle: Making Friends With Leg Training

    Q: I’m having trouble bringing up my legs to match my upper body. What would you suggest? A: I had the...

    Bradley J. SteinerJanuary 17, 2008
  • A Bodybuilder Is Born

    Photography by Michael Neveux Both Randy and I were six weeks out from the New England Bodybuilding Championships. As if he...

    Ron HarrisJanuary 17, 2008
  • Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding for Beginners

    Gironda believed that a beginner doesn't need a day of rest between workouts. Instead, Vince advised beginners to exercise daily'resting only...

    Gene MozeeJanuary 15, 2008
  • Home Training Basics

    Home Training If you’d rather start your bodybuilding program at home, you’ll want to purchase the right equipment to make real...

    Iron Man MagazineJanuary 15, 2008
  • The Inner Warrior, Pt 3

    An Eye-Opening Interview With Scientist, Artist, Author and Nutrition Maverick Ori Hofmekler

    Jerry BrainumJanuary 8, 2008
  • A Bodybuilder is Born, Episode 31

    Here’s what I want you to do, Randy. Stay off that thread because it’s only going to mess with your head....

    Ron HarrisJanuary 8, 2008
  • Hardgainers, Get Happy!

    If you’re an ectomorph, a thin, hardgainer type, often frustrated because it’s so hard to add muscle—there’s much to be thankful...

    Becky HolmanJanuary 4, 2008
  • Sensational at 70-Plus (Part 1)

    Sensational at 70-Plus

    David YoungAugust 30, 2007