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  • Scientist: Almonds Could Help You Burn Fat

    Almonds are an especially good source of healthy fats and are loaded with fiber and protein, but since they are also...

    Iron Man MagazineSeptember 22, 2015
  • Strength & Powder – Which Protein Is Right For You?

    Everyone has walked into a nutrition store and seen a ridiculously huge wall of protein powder tubs. With phrases like “instantized hydrolyzed...

    Iron Man MagazineSeptember 11, 2015
  • The Best Protein Blend For Optimal Recovery

    New study shows a post-workout blend of protein sources is the best strategy for building muscle.

    Iron Man MagazineSeptember 7, 2015
  • The Best Oil To Maximize Testosterone Production

    The cholesterol found in dietary fat provides the crucial building blocks that your body needs to create vital bodybuilding hormones like...

    Iron Man MagazineAugust 11, 2015
  • Retain Mass With More Protein

    Ever wonder how much dietary protein you really need daily to impact body composition and muscle protein synthesis during periods of...

    Iron Man MagazineJuly 31, 2015
  • On-the-Go Protein

    Since the early 1900s peanut butter has been a fixture in American homes. Whether it’s peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches or as a...

    Iron Man MagazineJuly 3, 2015
  • How To Carb Up Properly

    If you want to max every workout, time to reconsider the value of carb drinks.

    Iron Man MagazineJuly 1, 2015
  • Reducing the Bad Effects of Pasta

    Most of us love a plate of carbohydrate-loaded pasta, but the noodles and sauce can make you feel hungry again quickly,...

    Iron Man MagazineJuly 1, 2015
  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    A rite of passage for each of my children, at about kindergarten age, was the way I would query them: “When...

    Ron NoremanJune 15, 2015
  • Shake It Up!

    Most of us grew up drinking chocolate milk. Then, as we got older, we left it behind. When it comes to...

    Iron Man MagazineJune 3, 2015
  • Do You Need More Acid?

    Stomach acid is not the villain that TV commercials and pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. In fact, the hydrochloric acid...

    Iron Man MagazineFebruary 22, 2015
  • Throwback Thursday Bodybuilding Coaching: Pt 1

    We stand on the shoulders of our forefathers in bodybuilding, nutrition and science. Almost everything we know today must be credited...

    Ron NoremanFebruary 16, 2015
  • Postworkout Protein and Optimal Timing

    Much has been made in recent years of the importance of nutrient timing, a.k.a. making sure that you get adequate amounts...

    Jerry BrainumDecember 15, 2014
  • What is the optimal protein limit?

    Some time ago I reported in this column on a study of young men engaged in weight training that looked to...

    Jerry BrainumSeptember 15, 2014
  • Leucine: The Great Equalizer

    We all love whey protein. In fact, we love it because it tastes great and it’s less filling. Just kidding. But...

    Jose Antonio, Ph.D.September 6, 2014