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Catching up!

I’m sure you’re wondering about the photo.  It’s not new.  It was taken before the prejudging at the ’07 Team Universe.  I just wanted to put a photo in the blog and when I hit the “browse” button it’s what came up in the middle of my screen.  It’s a cool pic…I think.  It’s with my former training partner Abby Marie.

Anyway, my client, Marivel has been on my ass to update my blog.  I got even more pressure today from my gorgeous friend, Kim Anderson, from Plymouth, Mass.  So, I’m not leaving today until I catch you up to speed on what’s been going on.

So, here are some of the highlights of my workouts from the past 4 weeks.

12-17-08  Chest

I worked up to a submax single on the bench press of 260 lbs, followed by a set at 250X4.  These were all done with pauses.

12-18-08    Deadlifts and box jumps.  I worked up to 460 lbs on the deadlift which broke the Hyde Park Gym Raw record for the 198 lb class (I weighed a bit over 181 with my workout clothes on)  I worked up to 2 sets of 2 jumps at 29″.

12-19-08 Legs

I did a much faster paced leg workout with my client, Marivel at Lifetime Fitness.    Up to only 275lbs for 10 on squats followed by 17 reps with 225.

12-20-08  Lats

I did back workout which excluded any deadlifting.  I concentrated hard on the lats.  I worked up to 2 sets of 8 @ 110 lbs on one arm db rows.

12-22-08 Legs

I worked legs with Mari again.  My lower back was very sore, so we started with leg presses.  I worked up to 900 lbs for 20 reps and still was able to go to 275X10 on deep squats.

12-24-08  Chest/Lats

For my Christmas Eve workout I supersetted chest and lats.  I worked up to a 280 single on bench using pause reps.  On incline press I went to 205 for 6 reps.  A very strong chest workout for me, especially considering I was super setting a back exercise after each chest set.

12-26-08  Shoulders and arms

I worked up to 85 lb DB’s  for 6 reps on seated DB press.

12-29-08 Legs

I don’t remember what happened, but some reason I was very pressed for time on this day.  All I did was leg presses, but I did 12 total sets, working up to 2 sets of 20 reps at 900 lbs.

12-31-08  Total upper body workout

It was my final workout of the year.  I was feeling particularly well and worked my entire upper body.  I didn’t go particularly heavy on anything.  Just got a good upper body pump.

Tomorrow I’ll catch up on the new year, including my weekend at Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Bodybuilding Camp.

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