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Canadian Women (Among Others) Rocked the Toronto Pro

I would point out that last weekend was a huge one for NPC and IFBB physique competitions, but sometimes it seems as if every weekend is a big one for bodybuilding these days. Take the weekend that has just started, with The Tampa Pro in Florida, the West Coast Classic out here in Southern California, and the Adela Garcia Classic in Texas. In the meantime, and fortunately for this deadline-bound editor, my cohort Nancy DiNino (an actual Canadian, with a cute accent) was on the scene in Toronto and filed the report below. For those watching the action from afar, it seemed that promoter Ron Hache and copromoter Jim Morris did a heck of a job in reviving this competition. Apparently, that was the view from backstage as well.

Reported by Nancy DiNino:

The inaugural Toronto Pro Show was an action-packed weekend filled with avid fans, fitness enthusiasts and celebrity appearances. Inspired by the Arnold Sports Festival, the weekend kicked off on Friday with the expo, highlighting a number of extreme and combat sports. The program included bodybuilding, fitness, figure, arm wresting, strong man and MMA.

At the physique competitions, backstage was crowded with pro and amateur women. It was all about studded suits, Bikini Bite, heels and practicing those last-minute poses before taking the stage for the judges.

Canada held strong Friday night, as the winners were announced in pro fitness, bikini and women’s bodybuilding. In fitness, in fact, the home country left no room for error, as Canadian athletes  snatched up the top three spots. It was a tear-filled moment for the newest of our IFBB fitness pros, Jody Boam, who brought an undefeatable package to earn her first pro win, remarkably, within a year of obtaining her IFBB pro card  at the CBBF Canadian Nationals in 2010. Myriam Capes took second with her showstopping routine, while veteran Mindy O’Brien, who returned to the lineup after recovering from various injuries, took third, demonstrating that she still has what it takes to qualify for the Olympia.

The pro bikini competition is always a showstopper, and this was no exception, with Texas bombshell Shelsea Montes taking first—a great way to celebrate her birthday. She wowed the judges with her swagger, style and stage presence. Close behind was Missy Cole, who took second, while Canadian cutie Justin Monroe rounded out the top three. Justine is always a heartthrob onstage with her stunning smile and a cultivated physique that is like poetry in motion.

The women’s bodybuilding contest was locked in by Slovenia’s Brigita Brezovac, who added another pro win to match her victories at the Europa Battle of Champions and the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships in 2010. Canada’s Nicole Ball took second, displaying evidence that she has been doing her homework, bringing greater thickness to her physique. Mah Ann Mendoza looked the best she ever has, and her balanced, symmetrical physique and sharp conditioning earned her third place.

The figure show took place on Saturday with the men’s competitions. The top spot went to Gennifer Strobo, who’s been having a great year and finally added a win to her résumé of top-five placings. Trinidad’s, Candice John took second, and Ann Titone rounded out the top three.

Photo: Figure winner Gennifer Strobo and homegirl Justine Munro, who took third in bikini.

Find complete results from the Toronto Pro Supershow below:

’11 Toronto Pro Fitness
1) Jodi Boam*
2) Myriam Capes*
3) Mindi O’Brien*
4) Michelle Blank
5) Ryall Graber-Vasani
6) Laticia Jackson
7) Minna Pajulahh
8) Crystal Heck
9) Stacy Wright
10) Sherry Boudreau
11) Kristina Rojas
12) Allison Either
13) Carrie Ann Simmons
14) Sylvia Tremblay
*Qualifies for the ’11 Fitness Olympia.

’11 Toronto Pro Bikini
1) Shelsea Montes*
2) Missy Coles*
3) Justine Munro*
4) Nina Luchka
5) Dayna Maleton
6) Nathalie Mur
7) Leigh Brandt
8) Janet Harding
9) Zara Pineda-Boorder
10) Angela Leong
11) Samantha Morris
12) Michelle Lamb
*Qualifies for the ’11 Bikini Olympia.

’11 Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding
1) Brigita Brezovac*
2) Nicole Ball*
3) Mah Ann Mendoza*
4) Cathy LeFrancois
5) Lyris Cappelle
6) Melody Spetko
7) Tammy Patnode
8) Aurelia Grozajova
9) Sarah Bridges
10) Elizabeth Meza
*Qualifies for the ’11 Ms. Olympia.

’11 Toronto Pro Figure
1) Gennifer Strobo*
2) Candice John*
3) Ann Titone*
4) Julia Ann Kulla
5) Aleisha Hart
6) Merideth Berthleson
7) Sarah Domiguez
8) Ginette Delhas
9) Christina Mehling
10) Magdalena Wilk
11) Lea Berti
12) Jill St. Laurent
13) Natalie Waples
14) Emily Nicholson
15) Serena Cooper
16) Rachel LeBlanc
17) Michelle Battista-McDonald
17) Lynsey Beattie
17) CeaAnna Kerr
17) Ann Pratt)
*Qualifies for the ’11 Figure Olympia.

’11 Toronto Pro Masters Figure
1) Tivisay Briceno
2) Susanne Bock)
3) Kim Seeley (USA)
4) Michelle Mayberry

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