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First of all I want to give my recommendation on some great T-shirts by Built By Iron.  I’m not into designer T-shirts, but I really like the design on these shirts and the fabric is super-comfortable.  Not only that, but the price is very reasonable as well!  Check them out at

I can’t go so far as to say my training is going great, but under the circumstances it’s going fairly well.  I’ve been hampered by an inflammed triceps tendon and inflammation in my lower back.  However, I’ve been working around the injuries as best I can.  This week I only went to 185 lbs on the bench press, but I cranked out sets of 15-20 reps.  The tendon isn’t quite as painful doing incline presses, so I was able to go up to 185 lbs on that exercise as well.


Due to my back pain I didn’t wanted to go heavy on squats and leg presses.  This week I started with leg presses, keeping the weight light but I performed a set of 100 reps with 450 lbs.  My legs were really burning after that and I didn’t expect to be able to squat very well.  However, I was able to work up to a set of 10 with 275 lbs going well below parrallel.  I was going to finish squats with a set of 15-20 reps with 225, but 10 reps were all I had left.  Rebekah and I  finished with leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises and my legs were fried!    I did legs on Monday and my thighs and glutes are still extremely sore today!


Yesterday Mari and JoAnn joined me for my first “Shredder Walk” of the year.  JoAnn has been working very hard at cardio this year and kicked our butts…..finishing the 4 mile walk (plus 18 flights of stairs) a full 2 minutes ahead of me and Mari.  It was about 95 degrees yesterday and I was trashed for the rest of the day.

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