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Bad news on shoulder injury

I recently got the bad news that I am going to have to undergo surgery to repair my shoulder.  Hopefully it will be best case scenario when the doctor gets in there with the scope, and it’s just trimming stuff up.  I’m eager to get back to training chest and shoulders again!

My leg training has been going incredibly well….up until last Friday when I had a little hamstring tweak.  Here’s my Friday leg workout from the previous Friday (Sept 7th) when I was training with Dennis Ceder:

5 minutes stationary bike

10 minutes stretching

Leg Press:  90×30, 180×20, 270×15, 360×15, 450×15, 540×15, 630×15, 720×15, 810×32 (I haven’t gone back through my training logs, but I think this is the heaviest weight I’ve lifted on leg press since I tore the adductor about 18 months lifting 900 lbs)  and finally 450X95

Safety Bar Squats  135×10, 185×10, 225×10, 275×10

Leg Curls 50x10x8x6, 40×9

Hack Machine calf raise 150×15, 200x12x12x12

It was a fantastic workout….then I had to drive to Dallas to judge at the NPC Heart of Texas Classic.  That was an extremely uncomfortable three hour ride!!!


My shoulder surgery is planned for Oct 1st.


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