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Mr. Olympia Qualification Series Standings


1. Toney Freeman, USA, 11 points
2. Ben Pakulski, Canada, 10 points
3. Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan, 7 points
3. Balto Abbaspour, Iran, 7 points
5. John Delarosa, USA, 6 points
5. Fred Smalls, USA, 6 points
7. Grigori Atoyan, USA, 5 points
8. Sergey Shelestov, Russia, 4 points
8. Steve Kuclo, USA, 4 points
8. Mohammad Ali Bannout, Lebanon, 4 points
8. Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland, 4 points
12. Fouad Abiad, Canada, 3 points
12. Flex Lewis, England, 3 points
12. Omar Deckard, USA, 3 points
12. Feras Saied, Italy, 3 points
12. An Nguyen, USA, 3 points
17. Darryn Onekawa, New Zealand, 2 points
17. Vaughn Ettienne, USA, 2 points
19. Eduardo Correa Da Silva, Brazil, 1 point
19. Luke Timms, Australia, 1 point
19. Christopher White, Canada, 1 point
19. Renaldo Gairy, Canada, 1 point
19. Adorthus Cherry, USA, 1 point
19. Lee Banks, USA, 1 point
19. Ed Nunn, USA, 1 point
19. Todd Jewell, USA, 1 point

*Top 5 qualify for the 2012 Mr. Olympia
**In the event of a tie, the competitor with the best top five contest placings will be awarded the qualification

The following competitors have qualified to compete in the 2012 Olympia
Phil Heath, USA
Jay Cutler, USA
Kai Greene, USA
Victor Martinez, Dominican Republic
Dexter Jackson, USA
Ronny Rockel, Germany
Lionel Beyeke, France
Branch Warren, USA
Dennis Wolf, Germany
Evan Centopani, USA
Michael Kefalianos, Australia
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Cedric McMillan, USA
Bill Wilmore, USA
Juan Morel, USA
Essa Obaid, UAE
Shawn Rhoden, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Netherlands

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