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In just a few hours I will board the first flight on my way to Bialystok Poland to compete in the IFBB Masters World Championships.  I’m very excited, but my body is also very sore!  I’ve been training at a torrid pace since returning from Qatar last week.  The only day that I missed training was our 24 hour travel day (Nov 5th), but even then we did a very very long walk in the Washington DC airport and I climbed all of the stairs which in some cases was very challenging!  Here’s my schedule since I got home:

Fri  Chest AM, Back PM

Sat Legs

Sun  Shoulders AM, Arms PM

Mon Legs

Tues  Chest Am, Back PM

Wed  Shoulders/Arms

I think we got in at least 2 30 minute cardio sessions every day, except today.

This morning I weighed 168.5 lbs and tested the lowest I’ve ever tested on the Skindex Calipers at 2.3% bodyfat.  I’m ready to go get on the plane and get some rest.  As long as there is wireless internet at my hotel I will be posting from Poland.

Pass my blog address along to any of your friend who you think might be interested in my European Adventure!

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