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Bialystok Registration Day


Pictured above with the South Africans Tyron Fortuin, Marlene Koekemoer and Nelson Benjamin.


Pictured above with the Canadians  Maria Mikola, John Raposo and Tom Heffner.

This morning things started getting cranked up in Bialystok for the IFBB Junior and Masters World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships.  I’m glad that I started a day early and got here yesterday.  I got checked in first thing this morning and now it’s very busy and hectic here in the lobby and in the registration room.  I’ve made friends with the teams from Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.  I haven’t gotten a photo with the Brits yet but I’m sure we’ll get some at some point this weekend.

It’s very cold here!  It’s quite a contrast from being in Qatar just a week ago.  I almost froze walking the three quarters of a mile down to Maniac Gym to workout.  Maniac is a very well equipped hard-core gym.  It’s hosting the show here and is obviously very supportive of it’s bodybuilders, as they have photos and trophies all over the gym.  It’s my kind of place to train!

Well, it’s time to go meet up with my British friend Shawn to put on some Elite Tan.  Stay tuned for more pics!

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