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Ask Coach Poliquin

This huge compilation is billed as The Best Q&A Columns From Over Two Decades, and it’s an incredible collection of … continue reading

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

/ Posted 11.17.2011

If you’ve had a tough time getting ripped—or just losing some fat—you know there’s more to it than just calories … continue reading

Hardcore Body Renovator

/ Posted 11.06.2011

Those of us who were fortunate to be around bodybuilding in the 1980s saw the rise of one of the … continue reading

Products You Can Use to Get Ripped and Huge

/ Posted 11.02.2011

Ready-to-Eat High-Protein Pudding MHP presents a new ready-to-eat Power Pak Pudding. Now you can get the convenient, high-quality protein you … continue reading

Comparing Gym Machines

/ Posted 10.15.2011

Q: We have many types of machines in our gym; for example, we have two types of lying leg curl … continue reading


Alpha Male Advanced Workouts

/ Posted 09.28.2011

Do you want to be bigger, stronger and leaner? Would you like to increase your speed, power, stamina and agility? … continue reading

Ripping Principles

/ Posted 09.24.2011

In his book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, Eric Berg, D.C., describes the fat-burning process eloquently: “Adipose tissue is … continue reading

Inner/Outer-Thigh Machines

/ Posted 09.12.2011

The inner/outer-thigh—a.k.a. adductor/abductor—machine is the result of too many trainees overstretching and spraining knee ligaments by using cables attached to … continue reading


Frank Zane: The Workouts

Three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane has perhaps the most classic physique ever to have graced a posing dais—just the right … continue reading

Ultimate Power Grips

/ Posted 09.01.2011

Forearm, wrist and hand strength are crucial to performance in almost any sport. Get into the game with Pro Performance … continue reading

Two Ways to Build More Muscle

If you’ve been around bodybuilding for a while, you know what cortisol is and that it can blunt or even … continue reading

Detour Lean Muscle Bar

/ Posted 08.07.2011

Nutrition bar company Forward Foods, LLC, maker of the award-winning Detour bar, has now added the delicious Detour Lean Muscle … continue reading

Body by Design

/ Posted 07.08.2011

If you’re online a lot looking for training information and motivation, you probably know the name Kris Gethin. He’s editor … continue reading

New Motion Machines Test Drive

New Motion Machines are poised to take bodybuilding to the next level. Every gym should have the four that I took for a test drive, and Edeker has more in the works for other bodyparts.

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

/ Posted 05.23.2011

“I follow a plant-based diet and encourage others to do the same for optimal health and vitality, to live compassionately, and to leave less of a footprint on our Earth when I leave.”

Training Barefoot—Almost

/ Posted 04.28.2011

Back when the Iron Guru Vince Gironda had his gym in Studio City, California, he was notorious for being a … continue reading

Get Real and Stop Dieting!

/ Posted 04.22.2011

The first part of this book is packed with pretty basic nutrition advice—you know, eat four to six meals a … continue reading

SuperPump Max

/ Posted 03.01.2011

What kind of athlete are you? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when deciding on a preworkout product. … continue reading

Code Red

/ Posted 12.31.2010

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies has spared no expense in making Code Red the most powerful workout amplifier ever developed. Each serving … continue reading


/ Posted 09.29.2010

Get ready to experience explosive ballistic power at last as SAN proudly introduces Launch, a preworkout supplement. It’s specially formulated … continue reading

Bigger, Stronger Arms the Poliquin Way

Charles Poliquin is a popular IRON MAN columnist for good reason: He writes with passion, humor and knowledge. The man … continue reading

You Can Be Happy No Matter What

/ Posted 09.16.2010

After thorough discussion of the five principles—thought, moods, separate realities, feelings and present moment—he delves into how to use them to help with relationships, relieve stress, solve problems and even break bad habits and addictions.

Cookies ’n Cream Bar

/ Posted 08.19.2010

Here’s another compelling reason for serious bodybuilders to stay away from outmoded, low-nutrition protein bars. Universally recognized as the class … continue reading

How to Get From There to Here

/ Posted 07.12.2010

He began taking responsibility and tackling his life problems one at a time: paying off fines and debts, getting his driver’s license reinstated, doing his income taxes—11 years’ worth that he had never filed, but he didn’t owe. Lucky for him he actually got a refund. He was moving up the ladder one rung at a time.


Sports: Is It All B.S.?

/ Posted 07.06.2010

He covers 15 such myths, then goes into sport-specific B.S. There are chapters on baseball, football, basketball, running and golf. If you participate in any of them or you’re a coach at any level, you’ll love the eye-opening, often controversial information Yessis presents.

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