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Amidren: Get Your Body Back

7208-prime2It’s time for you to get your body back and start feeling strong again. Amidren is an advanced line of doctor-formulated supplements for men over 40.

These research-based nutrients address the critical changes that occur in men as they age. Medical research shows that after 40 men begin to experience sarcopenia, which is age-related muscle loss, and weight gain. The result is a decline in metabolic processes, leading to decreases in muscle, strength and performance and an increase in bodyfat. It’s all often accepted as a “natural” process, but the latest age-management research shows that men can greatly reduce the negative physical changes associated with aging through the use of precisely formulated nutritional supplements. Amidren fills the bill.

Amidren Builder: Lean Muscle Reactivator. The clinically researched ingredients in Amidren Builder help reactivate your muscles to combat the effects of age-related muscle loss and restore muscle building, strength and performance.

Amidren Burner: Energy and Metabolism Reactivator. As men age, key metabolic functions and critical fat-burning enzymes begin to decline. The release, transport and burning of fat for energy slow down, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight. Amidren Burner uses an advanced release-transport-burn Lipid Kinetic Technology and potent, clinically researched ingredients to reactivate your metabolism and help you lose bodyfat.

Amidren Performance Protein: Bio-enhanced “pH Perfect” Protein. The body’s ability to use protein efficiently and build lean muscle becomes compromised with age, which can also contribute to age-associated muscle loss. Additionally, since the typical American diet is loaded with acid-forming foods and low in alkalinizing vegetables, many men suffer from acidosis. Chronic acidosis can weaken bones and increase inflammation. For that reason Amidren Performance Protein contains a high-grade pea protein isolate in combination with whey protein to help the body maintain pH balance. Doctor formulated, it’s the perfect protein prescription for men over 40, and the body uses its bio-enhanced “pH Perfect” blend optimally to help support muscle building and performance.

These supplements are manufactured by Sera-Pharma Labs. For more information call 1 (877) 888-7325, or visit

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