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The Lean Body Promise, 2nd Edition

7208-leanbody2A well-known problem with most diets is that they fail. It happens because they don’t focus enough—or sometimes at all—on creating positive physical as well as mental change. The Lean Body Promise isn’t just about a diet, however, but is more about focusing on changing the way you think and go about trying to achieve your physical goals. And who better to guide you than IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada, with more than 30 years of experience and 22 major titles to his name.

Labrada’s promise is that he can help you transform your body with simple, 30-minute daily workouts and his nonstarvation eating plan. Following everything as he has outlined it in The Lean Body Promise can certainly help you achieve a leaner and healthier body.

Labrada was one of the best bodybuilders in the world for more than a decade, but his approach is easy enough for anyone to follow. The chapter titled “The Inspiration” highlights just how effective those methods are, with a dozen impressive success stories, including before and after photos and even personal tips that the subjects learned along the way.

“The Meal Plan” is, without a doubt, the best part of The Lean Body Promise. Labrada talks about methods that many of us preach on a regular basis, and he does a great job of laying it out without laying on any guilt. His analogy of calories being money and your body being the bank account should make it easy for anyone to understand the basics. I’d advise following his idea of purposely bouncing checks through this dietary analogy—but not with your personal account.

The meal planning chapter leaves you with no excuse for not following his Lean Body plan. There are lists of great foods for each macronutrient segment, info on how much of each to eat, when to eat it and even when and how to cheat. Yes, cheating is a good thing, at least when you follow the plan. That’s the big emphasis here, planning. Everything from actual meal planning to what aisles to shop in at your supermarket to what you should order in just about any type of restaurant you can think of, including some major fast-food chains—for those times when you have no other choice.

“The Workout” is obviously one chapter for which Labrada has no shortage of valuable material. Geared mostly toward those who may not have a lot of experience working out, it still contains a good amount of information for everyone. The training program is a simple push/pull/legs split with descriptive illustrations of most of the exercises.

Labrada’s Lean Body Promise is full of great, easy-to-follow advice and proven techniques—definitely worthy of a space in your get-ripped library.

—Jonathan Lawson


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