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Anabolic Halo: New and Improved 7-in-1 Lean-Muscle Shake

7208-eat6Taking multiple products daily and remembering to take them several times a day to get the performance, strength, recovery and muscle-building results you want can be a hassle. It no longer has to be, however, as MuscleTech has introduced the new and improved Anabolic Halo, an extremely powerful 7-in-1 lean-muscle shake.

What makes the reformulated Anabolic Halo unique? Its kick-ass, all-in-one performance formula replaces seven different products in just one delicious shake a day. Engineered with an extensive list of innovative ingredients, new Anabolic Halo is a protein shake, muscle-recovery shake, electrolyte drink, amino acid drink, creatine drink, carbohydrate drink and glutamine shake—all in one!

No other single supplement available today can deliver all the powerful effects that you can get from new and improved Anabolic Halo. Imagine the money you can save by getting seven different product drinks in one convenient supplement. Visit to learn more about the extreme savings you can get with Anabolic Halo.


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