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Workouts Too Draining? Reduce Training, Start Gaining–BIG

Your nervous system is probably hammered. We know, we know–you don’t want to lose any muscle or strength. So here’s what we suggest.

Subject:IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #873:
Workouts Too Draining? Reduce Training, Start Gaining–BIG

Workouts Too Draining? Reduce Training, Start Gaining–BIG

Q: I’ve been super motivated the past few months and really hitting it hard in the gym using a version of the Heavy/Light program in The X-traordinary Muscle-Building Workouts e-book. I couldn’t stand to do a back-off week, so I think I’m overtrained. Do you think reducing to two exercises per muscle is a good idea? Should I still do heavy/light?

A: Your nervous system is probably hammered. We know, we know–you don’t want to lose any muscle or strength. So here’s what we suggest.
Yes, two exercises per muscle is a good idea–one big midrange and one isolation contracted. An excellent one to follow is the Basic 4X Mass Workout on pages 19-21 in the 4X 2.0 e-book

You can follow it as is, which is a 4X or 3X sequence on each exercise–moderate-poundage, growth-threshold mass training for a while. Or do Downward-Progression 4X on the compound move and higher-rep TORQ on the iso exercise (tension-overload repetition quantity)…

For example, your lower/middle pec routine would be…
Bench presses (DP 4X, add weight to each set), 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
Cable crossovers (TORQ), 3 x 30, 20, 15

You only rest 40 seconds between sets on both exercises…

But only the last one or two sets are to failure on bench presses. Start with your 15RM and do 12, add weight, then do 10, and so on. The short rests will prevent you from going ultra-heavy…

For crossovers, all sets are to failure. Start with your 30RM and do 30. Rest 40 seconds, then try to get 20, rest 40 seconds then try to get 15. If you get all of those numbers with the same weight, you can add weight to each set.

The reduced volume as well as the more moderate poundages with these two styles should help your nervous system recover. And don’t be surprised if you get a burst of new size…

You’ll be subjecting your muscles to something completely different and no doubt get some exceptional sarcoplasmic size from each TORQ exercise.
Or if you really want something unique, try the 20-rep squat routine in your X-traordinary Muscle-Building Workouts e-book. Early bodybuilders gained as much as 20 pound in a month with that abbreviated routine. (For those who don’t have it, check it out: It’s 10 classic mass-building workouts you can try or customize for new muscle size. We’ve reduced the price to ONLY $10 HERE.)

Till next time, train hard–and smart–for BIG results.

–Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

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This Special Report was submitted by Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman.
The IRON MAN Training & Research Team

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