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Ezine #879: No-Cardio Fat Loss

Q: I read that you guys got super ripped without doing any cardio. I also saw that Arnold did no cardio to get lean, relying on weight training only. Is that true?

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #879:
No-Cardio Fat Loss? And What About Adding Muscle?

No-Cardio Fat Loss? And What About Adding Muscle?

Q: I read that you guys got super ripped without doing any cardio. I also saw that Arnold did no cardio to get lean, relying on weight training only. Is that true?

A: According to John Balik, Publisher of IRON MAN magazine and Arnold’s friend and one-time training partner, Arnold did not do cardio other than walking or running on the beach every so often….

Keep in mind that Arnold’s pre-contest weight-training workouts were six days a week, often twice a day. That was enough to keep Arnold burning fat and building muscle right up to his show. (His “supplements” helped in that regard too–although they were minimal compared to today’s regimens)…

There’s more on that in the Fat-to-Muscle Workout e-book–and how weight workouts equate to high-intensity interval training. Remember, HIIT is interval cardio that research says is the best fat-loss activity. But that’s what shorter-rest weight work is…

Us? We’ve found that the need for cardio depends on your genetics and metabolism. For example, Steve has a faster metabolism than Jonathan. So Steve always needed very little cardio to get ripped quickly…

Steve got leaner with gradual calorie cuts over a period of weeks. Jonathan, on the other hand, has a slower metabolism. He got best fat-loss results adding activity–gradually upping his cardio.

While Jonathan did use calorie reductions as well, he found that keeping his protein high and getting a bit more fat helped his muscle size increase as he lost fat…

The last two weeks or so before a photo shoot, Jonathan would do two short cardio workouts a day, four to five days a week. Steve did only one cardio session a day two to three days a week. (Our diets and ripping-phase programs are outlined in Xtreme Lean.)

Again, it all depends on YOUR genetics and metabolism. However, there is a constant: We both did gradually reduce our energy intake. In other words, slight macronutrient tweaks can get you a leaner physique.

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Till next time, train hard–and smart–for BIG results.

–Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

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