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Workouts still off the chain!

I didn’t write a blog last week, but suffice it to say that my workouts are still going incredibly well.  Last Monday when Brenda and I went in for legs all of the squat racks and all of the leg press machines were being used so we did hack squats while we were waiting for something to open up.  I haven’t done hack squats in years.  They actually felt pretty good, but I lost a few reps on my squats and leg presses from doing the hacks first.  But, that was ok because my legs were sore for 5 days!  I also had my best bench press workout in ages, last week.  Since my lower back and hamstrings were still sore from the leg workout, (on Thursday) we did our back workout with the partial deadlifts at the end instead of the beginning.  Throw in another outstanding shoulder and arm workout on Friday, and by Saturday I was hurtin’ for certain!

Saturday I started my weekly posing classes.   I had to move them to the morning because in the afternoon I attended the wedding of my good friends, Sherry Boudreau and Chris Jensen, whom I set up on their first date 5 years ago.  I was very honored to be the one who gave the bride away!

Anyway, back to my soreness…..posing with my students on Saturday made me even more sore and I had to spend some time in the hot tub on Sunday in preparation for the Super-Bowl.

Yesterday I was feeling great!  I hit another comeback milestone on the leg press.  I was able to increase my heaviest weight by another 90 lbs and cranked out 20 reps with 810 lbs.  All of the squat racks were being used by guys working at a snail’s pace, so we ended up doing our squats on the smith machine.  I’m not a big fan of squatting on the smith machine so I went extra low.  My butt was almost on the floor.  Really!  Ask Brenda!  By the end of the leg workout I was just about to hurl.  I almost did a couple times on the way back to work.  That would have been a diaster, as I had no where to pull over that quickly.  I managed to get half of my protein drink down, but had to wait another hour before I was ready to finish it.  Yep!  I’m sore today!

Never the less, we attacked our chest workout with a venegence today!  It was even better than the great chest workouts we’ve had the last few weeks!  And, even though I’m limping around right now, I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s back workout!

Monday Legs:

Leg press:  7 sets 20 reps

Smith Machine squats  5 sets 12 reps

Lying leg curls (these really hurt the tendon still)  4 sets 8-12 reps

Leg Extensions  4 sets 12-15 reps

Donkey Calf raise  4 sets 12-15 reps

Tuesday Chest:

Bench Press 5 sets 8-10 reps

Incline Press 4 sets 10-12 reps, Final set 21 reps

Pec Fly Machine 4 sets 10-12 reps

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