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Ruth on the Radio—Ms., Fitness and Figure International Predictions

Going out on more limbs than a feline who’s been nipping into the catnip-kush bag, this reporter made her predictions for the season-opening women’s competitions taking place at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, February 28 through March 2. The occasion: a monthlong salute to the Ms., Fitness and Figure International lineups on “Living Beautiful Radio,” a weekly women’s-health-and-fitness-oriented talkshow where co-hosts Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro and Nancy Di Nino love to dish the physique sports along with the diet tips.


In other words, Nancy and the doc put a gun, er, microphone, to my head, and here’s what came out. To find out why I made the picks, you’ll have to listen to the replay:

Thanks, ladies! It was a blast!

Pictured: Me and Nancy Di Nino.

Ruth’s International Predictions

Ms. International

1) Iris Kyle

2) Yaxeni Oriquen

3) Dayana Cadeau

4) Lisa Aukland

5) Betty Pariso

Most likely to make those predictions wrong and break into the top five: Debi Laszewski and Kristy Hawkins

Never count out: Betty Viana and Annie Rivieccio

Fitness International

1) Kim Klein

2) Oksana Grishina

3) Jen Hendershott

4) Julie Lohre

5) Tracey Greenwood

6) Julie Palmer

Poised to move up (in addition to Oksana and Julie L.): Bethany Gainey

Wildcard: Tanya Merryman

Figure International

1) Gina Aliotti

2) Jennifer Gates

3) Sonia Adcock

4) Latisha Wilder

5) Paola Almerico

6) Amy Fry

Most likely to make the above wrong and crack the top six: Natalie Benson and Catherine Anderson.

Wildcard: Juliana Malacarne

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