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Hey!  Here I am with an update….after months! 

Shredderbuilt booth

Here’s a photo from our Shredderbuilt booth at the NPC Texas State Championships last Saturday.  Me, Briesen Cooper, Sheryl Lau and her cute little daughter Kenzie.
The photo was taken during prejudging.  Diana was at the judges table test judging.  She did very well and needs one more round of test judging to get her NPC Texas judging credentials!
For those of you who haven’t seen me with the shaved head and are wondering about it, my girlfriend, Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer.  I told her that if she had to have chemo and would lose her hair that I would shave my head too.  We ended up having a party at the Lucky Lounge in Austin, Tx and had our heads shaved on stage by Rebecca Thomas, owner of Adara Salon.  Rebecca is also the granddaughter of one of my favorite musicians, Willie Nelson!

Done with the head shaving

One of the few things that has been appealing to Diana since she started chemo is Italian food.  Being the ultra-supportive boyfriend that I am, I have eaten quite a bit of Italian food for the last 8 weeks.  It’s not so good for your waist line!
Not only has my eating been considerably off, I have not been training very hard because I’m  nursing some injuries.  I re-injured the adductor that I tore back in April, and I’ve been feeling pain during training in the spot where I had the small pec tear in March.  Right now I’m getting skinnier and fatter at the same time.  But, don’t worry!  It will all heal and I will be ready to go for the 2012 season!
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