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  • Some Good News and Some Bad News

    Good News:  My new E-book, The Texas Shredder Mass Workout is selling like freakin’ hot cakes and they’re on sale right...

    Blog PostDave GoodinNovember 1, 2011
  • Update!

    Hey!  Here I am with an update….after months!  Here’s a photo from our Shredderbuilt booth at the NPC Texas State Championships...

    Blog PostDave GoodinOctober 21, 2011
  • LA Fit Expo

    It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, but thanks to a rare snow day things slowed down a little bit...

    Blog PostDave GoodinFebruary 5, 2011
  • LA Fit Expo and NPC Ironman Naturally

    Don’t forget to come visit the Ironman Magazine booth at the LA Fit Expo.  Diana and I are very excited about...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJanuary 25, 2011
  • Ironman Pro, Fit Expo

    I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last blog entry! How time flies when you’re having fun! Like...

    Blog PostDave GoodinFebruary 19, 2008
  • Back to blogging

      Pictured above: Me, Jon Harris, Jim Cordova, and Dr. Joe…..doing a little post workout partying. It’s been a month since...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJanuary 14, 2008
  • My Muscle Link commercial

    Blog PostDave GoodinDecember 4, 2007
  • Austin TV Clip: Shoulder Exercises Pt. 2

    Here’s a clip of me on Austin TV ‘s program Fitness Wise showing exercises for shoulders, arms and lower body. If...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJune 19, 2007
  • Austin TV Clip: Exercises Pt. 1

    Here’s a clip of me on Austin TV ‘s program Fitness Wise demonstrating basic exercises for a great physique . If...

    Blog PostDave GoodinJune 1, 2007