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On Tuesday I doubled up on leg workouts. Briesen came to Hyde Park Gym on her lunch hour. We have a really awesome custom made leg press machine at Hyde Park. Our only exercise was leg press and the goal was to do as many sets as we could get in 30 minutes. Every set was 20 reps or more and we rested only as long as it took to change weights. We ended up finishing 11 sets and my quads and hams were on fire!
Leg Press 90X20, 180X20, 270X20, 360X20, 450X20, 500X20, 540X20 (this was the heaviest I’ve leg pressed since Oct and I was started to feel some pain in my damaged adductor) 450X30X30X35X30

In the evening I did another light leg workout with Roberto and his son, Robi.
Leg Press 4 sets 15 reps
DB Squats 4 sets 12 reps
Seated Leg Curl 3 sets 12-15
Leg Extensions 3 sets 12-15
Calf Press 4 sets 15 reps

On Wednesday evening I met Roberto and his middle son, Raul for a light chest/shoulder/tricep workout
Bench Press 4 sets 10-12
Incline Press 3 sets 10-12
Overhead DB Press 3 sets 15 reps
Tricep Pressdowns 5 sets 10-12 reps

Right now I’m about to start my Lat workout at Hyde Park Gym. I will be flying solo on this one and will enter my reps on my Ipad between sets.
Close grip chin ups (90 sec rests) 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3.5 I know these reps look lame but they are an improvement. And I’m 195 in my workout gear so I’m pulling more weight
Wide grip pull downs (30 sec rests) 120×10, 140×8, 140×8
High pulley row (30sec rests) 130x10x8x7x7
Seated cable row (30 sec rests) 140x10x9x7x6
Partial dead lift (90 sec rests) 135×15, 185×10, 225x10x10
Rear Delt machine fly (60 sec rests) 70x12x10x10x8

Time for some Pro Fusion Protein and some Creasol. I took Red Dragon (beta alanine) before work out.

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